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Archeage starts the commercialization

Archeage started the commercialization from the 16th of January with monthly subscription fee. Generally, the number of users declined rapidly after the commercialization especially for monthly subscription online games.

Archeage still have 25 servers running after the commercialization with 4 servers having waiting lines, 19 servers showing busy status. However, those waiting lines became shorter by one third. Considering there are 4~5,000 users per server, some populated servers have lost 20% of the total.

Comparing to the commercialization result of Aion, Archeage is quite successful as well. Archeage is ranked #5 after the commercialization, just one step behind Aion.

XL Games introduced a new continent as well as raising the level cap to lvl 50.

Archeage OBT cruising with 20 servers

Archeage OBT for Korean gamer started 8:00 AM on the 2nd of January. XLGames provided 20 servers for OBT with contents up to level 40.

Most servers display busy or a waiting number to connect. Some popular servers have 500~1,000 gamer on the waiting list and 2,300 gamer for the best server. There has not been any report that serious server issues yet.

XLGames is monitoring all servers to keep each server status still and controlling monster regenerating speed for some crowded regions.

XLGames said “We are trying our best to prevent even minor issues happening because the game has been developed more than 6 years. We will provide best game experiences to gamer with various ways.”

Archeage OBT starts with the New Year

Jake Song from XLGames announced the OBT schedule for Archeage at the press conference today. OBT will start on the 2nd of January and users could create ID and characters from the 19th to 30th of December. The client software would be available to download from the 17th of December.

Jake Song said “We have received lots of feedback from the last 5 CBTs and improved as much as it could.”

Archeage is his new MMORPG since he developed Lineage 14 years ago. It took more than 6 years to develop with 180 developers and about US$38 million spending.

The additional details about OBT will be announced on 18th.

Report for Archeage CBT4 and upcoming CBT5

Archeage closed its 95days 4th Korean CBT on the 11th of March and was held the meeting with invited CBT4 users and press. Jake Song greeted the audience and said the team thinks the decision they decided to have 95 days CBT was good because they fixed many issues during the test period.

Things prepared for 4th CBT

XLGames added 3 new regions, 4 seas, an original continent, the new race ‘Hariharan’, improving the shape of Ferre race for the 4th CBT. In addition, various animations for characters and monsters was improved as well.

Log-in stage has been modified to figure out the specialties of each class much easily. New monsters, vehicles, furniture, and the accessories are bonuses. Option menu has been improved, too.

Things have been added during the test period

Self-defense and Footprint system have been added. Footprint system is if someone steals woods, his footprint would be remained to report. Footprint system was not in the development schedule, but the team decided to have one because users plant trees far away from their houses a lot. Kraken and Pirate system was added, too.

Fortification and siege warfare was added later. Both are still long to perfect them, the team found many obstacles to improve.

Seonyukmari(It is original Korean words and might be translated as The end of the west) and The land of peace was added as new regions because users has complained the lack of regions for leveling up. The sign of the break was also added. It is a kind of an in-game event that monsters attacking the world.

Some oceanic items such as a diving helmet and Refloat system was added, too. Quests for the late level 30 characters added to make users leveling easier.

Aution house was added for the last to observe users’ preferable items.

There has been an item called the bomb of liquor barrel for fun, but it was deleted because some pirate users threw it to where the wedding ceremony was held and killed all users who were attended.

Fix all issues as much as the team could handle

During the 95 days of the 4th CBT period, about 2,000 feedbacks were received and most has been solved. Complains about the family system that Jake Song created were handed over to him to resolve.

What can we expect for the 5th CBT?

XL Games said they will fix all bugs they have now and improve a several things such as downloading speed for the client software, a connecting error, and more optimization. Instant dungeons will be coming too.

A house will become more like a place where users are living. Furniture items will be classified into several categories. There will be furniture for interior, furniture for upskilling, and furniture for boasting of user’s skill.