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[Korea] Company of Heroes & Quake Wars Go Online

Two popular computer games, Company of Heroes and Quake Wars, goes online and kicks off OBT in Korea.

Company of Heroes Online is operated by Windysoft. The online adaptation?is true to the original PC game and 16 campaigns from the original will be available for free in order to offer users accessibility. The OBT begins on April 27.

Quake Wars Online is released by Dragonfly in Korea and enters OBT from April 30. Quake Wars Online is expected to be a persistent Quake Wars.

[Korea] Weekly Update – reupdated

Dragonball Online (MMORPG)

GA2 (Get Amped 2, Action RPG)

  • Developer/ Publisher: WindySoft
  • Status: 1st CBT (9/15~20)

Howling Sword (하울링 소드: Kor, Action RPG)

  • Developer: Joymaster Interactive
  • Publisher:?EST Soft
  • Status: 1st CBT (9/25)
  • Previsouly software company EST Soft debuted as online game publisher

Three Kingdoms (三國志 Online: Jap, 삼국지: Kor)

Valkyrie Sky (발키리 스카이: Kor, Shooting)

1000do Online 2 (천도 (天道): 피의 관문: Kor, MMORPG)

  • Developer/ Publisher:?Lizard Interactive
  • Status: CBT (9/24~27)
  • Renewal of the origianal game

[WindySoft] Brings Company of Heroes Online to Korea

THQ made it official that WindySoft becomes the local publisher of Company of Heroes Online (aka COHO) in Korea. The game will be available for CBT in the second half of the year.


[Korea] Weekly Update

Korean players are overwhelmed by all game-related events and conferences this week. Besides gamescom in Germany and Blizzcon in U.S., the much-anticipated Tera is going on CBT. Also, note that Korea is not all about online games. Among few console game developers in Korea,?SOFTMAX is releasing Magna Carta 2 for Xbox.

Nova 2 (RTS)

  • Developer: Aramaru (아라마루: Kor)
  • Publisher: CJ Internet (Netmarble)
  • Status: OBT (8/17)
  • Sequel to Nova 1492 serviced since 2002 and had 5 million RUs.


  • Developer: Bluehole Studio
  • Publisher: NHN (Hangame)
  • Status: 1st CBT (8/22~23)
  • 2 days, 200 testers only

Rusty Hearts (Action MMORPG)

  • Developer: Stairway Games (스테어웨이 게임즈: Kor)
  • Publisher: Windysoft (Windyzone)
  • Staus: Focus Group Test with 3,000 testers (8/21~23)

Legend of Edda (MMORPG)

  • Korean Title: 에다전설
  • Developer/ Publisher: EYA Interactive (Eyagames)
  • Status: Focus Group Test (8/21~23)

Fighters Club (Action)

  • Developer: KOG
  • Publisher: KOG & SBSi
  • Staus: 2nd reCBT (8/17~9/4)

Magna Carta 2 (RPG)

  • Developer: SOFTMAX
  • Release Date: August 20
  • Xbox, Korean version

[Korea] Weekly Update: Game Launch

Korean gamers will be torn apart between C9 and Battlefield Online (aka Battlefield Heroes) as two blockbuster games’s CBTs overlap some days. Of course provided you are chosen as beta tester. Besides two blockbuster games, a few promising games are starting a CBT this week.

Hessian (Military TPS)

C9 (Action RPG)

Battlefield Heroes (FPS)

  • Developer: EA
  • Publisher: Neowiz (Pmang)
  • Status: 2nd CBT (8/4~10)

Heva Online (Casual MMORPG)

  • Developer: Playbuster
  • Publisher: WindySoft
  • Status: 2nd CBT (8/4~10)

Appie Online 2 (2D RPG)

  • Developer/?Publisher: SeedC Korea
  • Status: CBT (8/6~20)