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KAKAO asks developers to launch iOS, Android version at the same time

KAKAO Game has changed their policy. All mobile games published through KAKAO platform are needed to launch both iOS and Android version at the same time. It was recommendation, but it is obligation now.

The decision is positive for iOS users, but gives another burden to developers. In fact, some mobile game developers who are preparing to launch games on KAKAO are re-arranging the launching schedule because of the policy changing.

Good for users

Andorid has dominated Korean smartphone OS market with 80% penetration rate. Therefore, most mobile games on KAKAO have been launched to Android OS first. iOS version used to be introduced 2 to 6 months later.

Hit KAKAO games such as ANIPANG, DRAGON FLIGHT were no exception. However, iOS users could enjoy KAKAO games with Android OS users at the same time from now on. The main reason KAKAO changed its policy is that it is critical to enjoy KAKAO games with friends no matter what platform they are using because KAKAO games heavily rely on competitions and cooperation with friends while playing.

Part of Global Strategy

Launching games for both OS is important for KAKAO to pioneer into Global market as well. Because iOS market is bigger in the international market and revenue is higher on iOS than Android OS.

KAKAO is trying hard to penetrate Japan, SEA, SA mobile market with its main weapon – games. LINE from NHN is preoccupying Japan, Taiwan and other SEA countries now.

Another burden for developers

It might be no matter to developers who are preparing their games to launch both platforms. However, many developers are changing their launching schedule now. If a developer has not chosen an engine that supports cross-platform playing, it is like making 2 different games. In addition, managing updates for both versions are not easy tasks for small-mid size mobile game developing companies.

Some developers complained that KAKAO announced policy changing too suddenly. Even though new policy will be applied from the 12th of March, they let developers know on January.

Wemade launched ‘EveryTown for KAKAO for iOS, Android at the same time on the 5th of March.

Gstar2012: Wrap-up

Gstar2012 was held from the 8th to 11th of November at Bexco, Busan with 190,000 visitors. Gstar2012 was special because it is hosted by Korea Association of Game Industry instead of KOCCA(Korea Creative Contents Agency, which is a government organization. Let’s find out what achievements Gstar2012 has accomplished.

New venue for B2B
B2B area for Gstar2011 was inconvenience because it is split into several areas. With the completion of the 2nd Exhibit hall, B2B area for Gstar2012 was as good as it gets. Even though B2B schedule was shorten to 3 days from 4 days, the number of business meeting that was held during the event has been increased about 49% with the total number of 167. More than 50% of companies were from abroad as well as the number of buyers from abroad has been increased more than 100%.

190,000 visitors

Gstar2012 recorded 190,353 visitors for 4 days, which is 30% down from the last year’s record, 290,000. The reason is that the organization has changed the counting method. Gstar counted visitors one time only instead of counting them based on the visiting number.

Mobile for the win

Mobile games were very popular at Gstar2012. Many mobile game companies were presented include Com2uS and Gamevil. T-store, an open market from SK Telecom, also presented the large scale B2C booth for the first time. Nowcom and Wemade introduced a series of mobile game aggressively.

On the other hand, giants client based online game developers such as NCsoft, Webzen, Hanbitsoft, Mgame did not participate in Gstar2012. Mabinogi2: ARENA from Nexon, BLESS from Neowiz, Icarus from Wemade, Red Gems 2 from L&K Logic Korea were MMORPGs that we could find at Gstar2012. As a foreign company, Nintendo & War Gaming presented the large scale booths.

The place for Gstar2013

The contract with Busan was closed. Therefore, the organization will select the new host city for  Gstar2013 during the early next year.


The result of our Gstar2012 survey

We asked a series of questions to 833 visitors. The below is the result.

Most wanted B2C booth – Nexon

66.8% of people who took part in the survey said Nexon B2C booth was the best Nexon presented Warface, Pro Baseball 2K, Mabinogi2:Arena, FIFA Online 3, Counter Strike Online 2. . The 2nd and the 3rd were Blizzard with Starcraft2: The Heart of the Swarm and Neowiz with BLESS.

Most visited B2C booth – Nexon

Booths on the left side were took #1, 2, 3. Nexon took the 1st while Blizzard and Gamevil took the 2nd and the 3rd.

Most cool exterior – Blizzard

Blizzard booth was favored by 51.3% people as the most cool booth exterior followed by Nexon, Neowiz and War Gaming.

Most wanted Game – Mabinogi 2

Mabinogi 2 was selected as the most wanted game at Gstar2012. The 2nd was Starcraft2: The Heart of the Swarm.

Most satisfied game – Dungeon Striker

124 out of 139 people selected. Dungeon Striker from NHN as the most satisfied game after playing. FIFA Online 3 was the 2nd best.

Most wanted game to play again – FIFA Online 3

77.5% of people chose FIFA Online 3 as the most wanted game to play again. Starcraft2: The Heart of the Swarm was the 2nd with 70.3% chose.

Korean MMORPG line-up for G Star 2012

It seems that Wemade Entertainment has focused on mobile games recently. However, the company announced the only new MMORPG from Korean online game companies that will be revealed at G-Star 2012 called ICARUS. The game was previously known as NED, which presented large scale air combats with Cry engine.

Neowiz will present the playable version of BLESS for the first time. A secret game from Nexon might be Mabinogi 2 because they announced Mabinogi 2 will be revealed the second half of the year at the 2nd quarter earning conference calls. Project NT from Thingsoft will be revealed for the first time as well.

L&K Logic Korea will present Red Gem 2 that has been developed for 6 years with about $18 million budget.

Wemade chose LINE for Japan publishing

Wemade Entertainment announced they made the strategic cooperation contract with NHN Japan. They will release mobile games through LINE, NHN Japan’s social messenger platform. The first game will be Chaos&Defense.

Wemade chose Kakao Talk for publishing mobile games in Korea. The reason they chose LINE for Japan service is solely because of their business needs. Wemade thinks Japan as the biggest content distribution market. Especially, the size of Mobile game market is the biggest in Asia, Wemade thinks Japan as the most important market. They chose LINE because it is the leading social messenger in Japan.

LINE has 60 million users all over the world. It broke the record of 25 million users in Japan only and ranked as #1 in Japan as a social messenger. LINE recently launched LINE GAME to publish mobile games through it.

Wemade will present 6 mobile games in TGS 2012 include Arc Sphere.

Wemade reveals TGS 2012 line-up

Wemade Entertainment reveals TGS 2012 (Tokyo Game Show 2012) line-up. It will presents the total of 6 mobile games – Viking Island, Hero Square, CafeStoria, Everyfarm2, Pet Island and the unknown project. Viking Island is already released and became popular in Korea. The unknown project would be a large scale mobile MMORPG.

Wemade has researched Japanese mobile game market through its subsidiary and optimized its games for them. Japanese mobile contents market has grown over 250% and its size reaches $7,944 million as it becomes the second biggest market followed by North America’s.

Whon Namkoong, CEO of Wemade Entertainment, said “Our mobile games have been prepared for the global service. Especially, we have done localization works very closely with our subsidiary in Japan for the Japanese market. Our mobile games will deliver freshness to the Japanese local market by providing the excellent game experiences through SNG genre.”

TGS 2012 will be held in Makuhari Messe, Japan from the 20th to the 24th of September.