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[Korea] Weekly Update for 6/28

1. Astonishia Online (2nd CBT 7/1)

  • Developer: Sonnori (손노리: Kor)
  • Publisher: Groom (구름: Kor)

A week delayed than planned yet online adaption of its popular RPG ‘Astonishia Story’ in 1994. The game definitely has potential but some issues such as latency, bugs, quite simple gameplay exposes the developer’s shortcoming.

2. Lunia Z

A four-year old game, Lunia: Record of War, is getting a full body lift. Lunia Z is hosting a press conference on June 29th in Korea. A Korean publisher Nexon claimed it is close to a brand new game.

3. Bolts & Blip Online

  • Developer/Publisher: Dragonfly

Dragonfly unveils a new online game based on 3D animation with same title during the move premier on June 29th in Korea. The 3D TV animation is co-produced by redrouer and Toonbox Entertainment. The game will also features 3D graphics.

4. Maple Story

  • Developer/Publisher: Nexon

A seven-year old megahit Maple Story hosts a press conference on July 1st in Korea for its update.

[Korea] Weekly Update

This is a slow week for Korea. Only two games–G2 and Luna Plus– kicked off tests and there won’t be any until next Thursday when two FPS games?Battery and Battlefield Online will be launched.

G2 OBT (3/15~)

G2 is a sequel to Gold Wing and a casual shooting RPG developed by nPluto. Like Gold Wing, its aerial battle between airplanes and robots.

G2 has been launched in Japan.

Luna Plus 3rd CBT (3/18~29)

EYAsoft brought back Luna Online as Luna Plus adding a new race, housing system, vehicles for above level 50 users.

Luna Plus is expected to enter OBT on April.

[Korea] Weekly Update

It’s been a while since I posted this series last so enjoy~

1. Unreal Engine Seminar

First it’s nothing to do with game launch but Epic Games Korea is hosting Unreal Engine Seminar from 19th to 20th in Korea. Epic Games?established a Epic Games Korea last June and now went on its mission to educate partners in Korea.

2. Mabinogi Heroes’s Grand Open (Jan 21)

After this Grand Open, users who didn’t buy a premium package can log in from home.

3. Red Cliff (赤壁: Chi, 적벽: Kor) Pre OBT (1/19~20)

Perfect World’s RedCliff is entering Pre OBT without any CBT in Korea. KTH is an operating partner in Korea.

4. Wind-Up Enters Hot Stove League (1/19~31)

KHT’s upcoming realistic baseball game Wind-Up pitches realism in it. Fyi, this Hot Stove League is equivalent to OBT.

5. Cannon Kings Enters the 4th CBT (1/20~22)

Cannon Kings developed by Bluesom and operated by Joara

6. Come On Baby! All Stars Enters 1st CBT (1/21~31)

A famous arcade game turns into online thanks to its developer EX Potato.

[Korea] Weekly Update

WE Online (MMORPG)

  • Developer:?Kurugi Soft (꾸러기 소프트: Kor)
  • Publisher:?Goorm (구름: Kor)
  • Status: 2nd CBT (10/21~25)


Feel Online (Dating Game)

  • Developer/Publisher: Astronest
  • Status: OBT (10/22~26)


Heva Online (Casual MMORPG)

  • Developer: Playbuster
  • Publisher:?WindySoft
  • Status: CBT (10/22~26)


Final Quest (MMORPG)

  • Developer/ Publisher: Liveflex
  • Status: CBT (10/23~26)


If you want to read the original article on TIG which is written in Korean,?click here.

[Korea] Weekly Update – reupdated

Dragonball Online (MMORPG)

GA2 (Get Amped 2, Action RPG)

  • Developer/ Publisher: WindySoft
  • Status: 1st CBT (9/15~20)

Howling Sword (하울링 소드: Kor, Action RPG)

  • Developer: Joymaster Interactive
  • Publisher:?EST Soft
  • Status: 1st CBT (9/25)
  • Previsouly software company EST Soft debuted as online game publisher

Three Kingdoms (三國志 Online: Jap, 삼국지: Kor)

Valkyrie Sky (발키리 스카이: Kor, Shooting)

1000do Online 2 (천도 (天道): 피의 관문: Kor, MMORPG)

  • Developer/ Publisher:?Lizard Interactive
  • Status: CBT (9/24~27)
  • Renewal of the origianal game