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(Video) Mobile RPG ‘MU: The Genesis’, set to release in October

Game focus in strategic party play controlling both the Hero and soul soldiers of the player’s choice.

Game developer Webzen tries their hand in the mobile gaming market using one of their most successful title, <MU>.  Let us take a look at their teaser trailer for the upcoming mobile title <Mu: The Genesis>.

Developed by Webzen Mobile, one of Webzen’s subsidiaries, this teaser trailer was released to the public on September 30th.  <MU: The Genesis> is a mobile RPG that continues on the legacy of the Korean MMORPG <MU>.

Viewers are able to witness the fight between one of the game characters “Pan” and a monster that had jumped out of the computer monitor screen.  Pan summons his soul soldiers, corners the monster, then eventually pushes the monster into the iPhone on the desk.  The teaser trailer ends with Pan jumping into the iPhone himself.

<MU: The Genesis> plans to make the strategic gameplay of the hero and its soul soldiers the main feature of the game.  Players are able choose how to develop their heroes as well as to choose their own soul soldiers in order to have a truly unique experience.  The main contents of the game include a campaign mode that progresses the player along a sequence of stages, a battle mode that allows free combat with adjustable difficulty, and event dungeons that become accessible during specific time periods.

<MU: The Genesis> is set to release more information on October 14th.  All the recent game related news and notices are released via the official teaser site (http://mtg.webzen.co.kr/), and players are also able to subscribe to receive these via SNS updates.

You could watch the video here: http://www.thisisgame.com/webzine/news/nboard/4/?n=49854


Webzen vs The9, the Fight for MU is continuing

The9, Chinese publisher of original MU(Chinese title: 奇迹/Miracle), announced that they will reveal the test schedule for MU2 on the 5th of April. That made Webzen, the developer of the original MU, in panic.

The9 announced MU X, the sequel of MU as they said, at 2009 Chinajoy and started developing. However, MU X is developed by The9 itself without getting any permission from the original creator Webzen. When Webzen complained, The9 decided to change the title of the game as 奇迹傳說(Miracle Legends).  Now, The9 announced that they are going to change the game title as MU2(奇迹2) because the Chinese government approved The9 to use MU2(奇迹2).

Webzen sued The9 for the returning of trademark right in Korea in 2010 and won. However, they did not sued The9 for it in China because they have already won the lawsuit in Korea and did not want to continue disputing with their partner any more. That has made the trademark issue arising again.

Now, Webzen is agonizing how to react. According to Webzen, some artworks that The9 distributed to Chinese media are belong to Webzen. The 2nd round of Trademark dispute between Webzen and The9 has just begun.

Webzen announced the first quarter result

Wezen’s operating sales recorded $14 million while operating profit is $3.8 million and net profit during the term is $2.8 million. Operating sales, operating profit increased 22% and 367% comparing to the same period of the last year. Net profit is back in the black.

‘MU Online’ and ‘Metin2’ is the biggest contributors to the result. The revenue from abroad is 57%. Webzen is expecting the better result for the second quarter because of C9 service in China will be included. Battery Online has started its service in Thailand and is scheduled to be published in more countries, too.

During the second half of the year, MMORPG Archlord 2 will start the test and start developing MU2. Wezen mobile will be preparing mobile games as well.

NHN Games Merged into Webzen

Webzen and NHN Games merged into one company and one name, Webzen, on July. The value of the mega game company is estimated to be around 400 billion Won (US$333 million) with 550 employees.

Two companies prepared this day from 2008 starting from shifting management team then integrating business divisions on June 2009, then moving into same building on December same year.

Through this merger, Webzen secures ?more than 12 titles including Mu Online, SUN: World Edition, Archlord, R2 and C9, Huxley:Dystopia, Battery.

<NHN Games’ Byung Kwan Kim (김병관: kor, left) and Webzen’s Chang Keun Kim (김창근:kor) at the press conference>

[NHN Games] Dissolved into Webzen

NHN?Games will be dissolved into Webzen. Byung Kwan Kim (김병관: Kor), CEO of NHN Games, will remain as chief strategy officer at Webzen. The company says “two companies has undergone some changes and already completed mergers since last June so there won’t be much changes internally.” The change will be confirmed at a shareholder meeting on May.

NHN Games started as a spin-off from NHN in 2004 and has developed R2, Arch Lord, and C9. It is a?subsidiary of NHN, who has 46.88% of NHN Games’ shares.