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NHN Entertainment Responds with ‘Constitutional Petition’


NHN Entertainment has filed a constitutional petition in response to the recent web board game restrictions.

According to ThisisGame’s cover on the issue, NHN Entertainment has deemed the web board game restrictions, which were released on the 23rd of last month, invasive of the laws set by the constitution and has filed a petition.  May 23rd marked the 90th day since the passing of the web board game restrictions, making it the last day that a petition can be filed in opposition.

The web board game restrictions are laws that were enforced since February of this year in order to prevent gambling within them.  The laws enforce several different restrictions on web board games such as GoStop or Poker games, such as: ∆ Re-Identification of the player every quarter ∆ $300 monthly limitation on cash purchases ∆ Single bets limited to 1/10 the amount of monthly cash purchase limitation ∆ 24 hour forceful shutdown period for accounts that lose more than 1/3 of the monthly cash purchase limitation within a single day.

This is the first time that a game developer has ever lawfully confronted the web board game restrictions.  While Neowiz Games has previously filed a petition in March, the petition was filed regarding the web board game restrictions, but rather the mobile gambling game guidelines released in 2011 by the Game Ranking and Administration Committee.

A personnel from NHN Entertainment has carefully commented about the petition in a phone conversation with ThisisGame: “While it is true that the constitutional petition has been signed, we cannot release any details yet.  However, this petition does not mean that we oppose the restrictions nor does it mean that we plan to oppose them.”

This recent petition has caused certain public crowds to speculate that the lawful actions are in response to the damages the web board games have endured due to the restrictions.

In truth, it has been found that large web board game servicers such as NHN Entertainment and Neowiz Games have suffered decreases in the number of users and sales since the enforcement of the restrictions.  In the case of NHN Entertainment, the company has suffered a 40-50% decrease in the number of users and more than 60% decrease in sales since the restrictions have been put in place.