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World of Tanks reaches 10,000 CCU in Korea

World of Tanks broke the 10,000 CCU record in Korea since it started the service from the 27th of December. The next goal is having the game installed at more than 5,000 PC Bang in Korea. It is one third of the total number of PC Bang in Korea.

About transferring accounts from abroad, Wargaming Korea will allow users to transfer their accounts at abroad to Korean servers at the end of January. The company hopes that 2 months should be the enough time that beginners would catch up experienced users and could match against. The company estimates the number of abroad accounts created by Korean users would be around 45,000. The number of registered Korean users for Korean service has reached 150,000 so far.

World of Tanks is also preparing for e-Sports in Korea as well.

Booth registration for GStar 2012 is closed

If you have a plan to have a booth at G-Star 2012, your chance is not left. According to G-Star organization, B2B registration has been closed due to the exceeded requests.

99% of B2C booth was reserved already while 105% booth was reserved for B2B. The notable companies that will be presented at B2C are Joymax, Blizzard, Neowiz, Wemade, NHN, Nexon, Neople, Wargaming etc. Especially, there will be typical domestic mobile game companies such as SK Planet, Com2uS, Gamevil etc. B2B booth area has been increased about 30% compared to the last year.

The pre-registration for buyers will be started from the end of September through the official G-Star homepage – www.gstar.or.kr

At G-Star 2012, there will be 2 big e-sports events as well – <League of Legends> opening event for the Champions Winter and GNGWC finals.