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New siege warfare systems and Chinese contents for Archeage 5th CBT

XL Games revealed a few features that will be presented during Archeage 5th CBT at Chinajoy 2012.

Players could expect to experience various siege warfare systems and Chinese contents. The biggest change for the siege warfare system in Archeage is the reinforcements system. The company also reinforces the use of marine resources. During the battle over marine resources, users would be exposed to PvP and PvE contents naturally. Battleships become more important for PvP at seas. There will be area for building aqua farms and houses at seas. Chinese contents team will introduce Chinese style medium-small sized houses and castles.

Archeage 5th CBT will be opened from the 16th to 31st of August with 130,000 selected users domestically. Chinese CBT users that were selected by Tencent, the Chinese publisher, will joined the 5th CBT as well.

Dispute over Crossfire trademark rights

Smilegate announces they sued Neowiz Games for returning of Crossfire trademark rights today. This action is about returning Crossfire trademark rights to Smilegate because Neowiz Games closed its domestic publishing service on the 11th of July.

Smilegate is carry forward publishing Crossfire in Korea by itself. However, they cannot use the title ‘Crossfire’ unless Neowiz Games returns the rights. This law suit could influence the its service in China because Neowiz Games has the trademark rights in China as well. Smilegate only has the rights for its DB. The publishing contract with Tencent will be expired at the next summer.

Crossfire is ranked #1 in China with 3.5 million CCU.

Archeage recruits 5th CBT testers from Korea and China

Tencent, Chinese publisher of Archeage, announced that they will hold an event, which selects testers for the Archeage 5th CBT. Jake Song announced that Chinese users could join 5th CBT for Korea as well at Tencent press conference on the last March.

XL Games will prepare the client software that supports multi-languages for the 5th CBT and receive feedbacks globally.

XL Games is recruiting testers for the 5th CBT in Korea as well. However, the schedule for the test has not been confirmed.


Archeage CBT5 is available for Korea & China

It is expected that not only Korean, but also Chinese gamers will have chance to join the next generation MMORPG Archeage CBT5. Tencent announced they are going to provide Chinese version of client software for CBT5 at the press conference in Beijing.. Tencent is the major online game publisher in China who is responsible for Archeage publishing in China.

Jake Song said “I think it is important to have Chinese users’ opinions. We will add Chinese style shoes, maps and events for CBT5.” He emphasized that the main ideology of Archeage is ‘Change’. The original novel for Archeage called “Firs and a hawk” will be published in Chinese as well.

Archeage’s 4th CBT was closed on the 11th of March. XL Games introduced the original continent and siege warfare system for the first time and added various PvE, PvP contents.

However, XL Games did not announce when CBT5 will be.

You can watch the latest Archeage teaser and additional images here

Tencent becomes the worldwide publisher for SURA Online

Tencent, the top online game publisher in China, acquires the worldwide distribution right for SURA Online. Tencent announces it at the press conference in Beijing, China. SURA Online, developed by NSE Entertainment in Korea, is Asian style fantasy action RPG that has very fast attack and defense system like we have seen at martial arts movies.

Players could choose the one of three races and have 6 different classes. 1:1 PvP in SURA Online resembles 1vs1 fighting games like Tekken from Namco. The combat emphasizes psychological aspects as well as using various combo attacks. 2:2, 3:3 PvP are different from 1:1. Players should cooperate with teammates to win.

Steven Ma, Vice President of Tencent Games, said “Best resources of China and Korea have been combined through SURA Online and become stuck together. The contract has important strategic meanings for Tencent to advance into the world online game market. We enter into the global market including Europe, North America etc with SURA Online.”

We expect Tencent Korea would publish SURA Online in Korea as well.