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Wemade reveals TGS 2012 line-up

Wemade Entertainment reveals TGS 2012 (Tokyo Game Show 2012) line-up. It will presents the total of 6 mobile games – Viking Island, Hero Square, CafeStoria, Everyfarm2, Pet Island and the unknown project. Viking Island is already released and became popular in Korea. The unknown project would be a large scale mobile MMORPG.

Wemade has researched Japanese mobile game market through its subsidiary and optimized its games for them. Japanese mobile contents market has grown over 250% and its size reaches $7,944 million as it becomes the second biggest market followed by North America’s.

Whon Namkoong, CEO of Wemade Entertainment, said “Our mobile games have been prepared for the global service. Especially, we have done localization works very closely with our subsidiary in Japan for the Japanese market. Our mobile games will deliver freshness to the Japanese local market by providing the excellent game experiences through SNG genre.”

TGS 2012 will be held in Makuhari Messe, Japan from the 20th to the 24th of September.


Wemade Entertainment acquires three SNG companies

Wemade Entertainment acquired 3 Social network Game companies – Fever Studio, a developer of Every Town, Every Farm, Link Tomorrow, a developer of Epic Story, Baseball Wars, Liny Works, a developer of Cafestoria.

In addition, the company cooperates with Dbros to convert Star City as a mobile game. Star City is Facebook game featuring various KPOP stars in the game. With Mobicle, the company co-develops a baseball game, tentatively named Project 2632.

Wemade Entertainment becomes a giant mobile game company by acquiring these companies with the total of 5 development teams.

Wemade Entertainment will release in-house developed 5 mobile games in 2012 and reveal its vision and un-announced projects on the 26th of April.