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Smilegate Merged Online and Mobile Publishers


A PC online game publisher Smilegate Internet and a mobile publisher Pample are now merged together.

Smilegate Group announced on July 4 that its subsidiaries Smilegate Internet and Pample are merged into one integrated publisher. The new company will go under Smilegate Worldwide and will develop a new platform which is not yet announced.

The platform seems more likely a market like Google Play or Apple App Store rather than a messenger like Kakao Talk or Line because it is likely to provide billing system along with both online and mobile games targeting the global market.

The merger will not go through any restructuring; it also leave their names alone and let them work the way they did so far. So, Smilegate Internet still publishes online games while Pample does the same thing for the mobile games.

In short, two families are just sharing one house for efficiency. Period.


SmileGate purchases SundayToz, priced at $120 million

<Cross Fire> and <AniPang> join hands.  SmileGate Holdings purchased 20.7% of SundayToz stocks for about 120 million dollars, and became the company’s largest shareholder.

SmileGate Holdings has announced on the 24th that their agreement with the creators of <AniPang> SundayToz is finalized.  This is the nation’s largest investment to date in the industry, with a purchase of 20.7% of the stocks priced at about 18 dollars per, totaling up to 120 million dollars.

While SmileGate became SundayToz’s largest shareholder with this purchase, there will be no changes to the executive branches of the companies.

SmileGate Holdings has been growing rapidly with <Cross Fire>, which is pulling in yearly sales of over 1 billion dollars in China.  In 2013, SmileGate recorded sales of 376 million dollars, business profit of 255 million dollars, and net income of 180 million dollars.

SundayToz on the other hand, recorded in 2013 yearly sales of 47.6 million dollars, business profit of 17.3 million dollars, and net income of 14.9 million dollars.  In just last January, they succeeded in reclaiming their presence in the industry with their sequel game <AniPang 2>, which reached over 8 million downloads in just 2 month of its release.  <AniPang 2> is currently (March 24th) ranked first in the Google Play store’s top grossing chart.

SundayToz’s CEO Lee Jung Woong commented on the agreement saying: “With the joining of the two companies, we now have access to world famous SmileGate’s foreign market presence, network, and know-hows.  For SundayToz, it is as if we have just received a blessing, and we plan to put much focus into advancing into the overseas markets.”

On the other hand, SmileGate Holding’s CEO Kwon Hyuk Bin commented that: “SmileGate is planning to hold back nothing in supporting the overseas businesses of SundayToz.  We truly understand and value the experience SundayToz has accumulated in the past 5 years of their business.  Both companies will continue to lead the industry in their own rights.”

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Conflict over Crossfire is over

The conflict between Smilegate and Neowiz Games is over. Neowiz Games and Smilgate agreed to extend the contract for Chinese service until July of 2016 on the 7th of December. About the dispute over the trademark and DB, Neowiz admitted those are the properties of Smilegate and withdrew the lawsuit.

Crossfire service for Korea will be operated by Smilegate directly with DB provided by Neowiz Games. In addition, Smilegate has gained entire publishing rights for Crossfire for the rest of the world with the trade of Chinese service to Neowiz Games. Neowiz Games will support Smilegate technically when they publish Crossfire to other countries.

Smilegate, working directly with Tencent

Smilegate, the developer of Crossfire, joined user meeting in China with Tencent and without Neowiz Games.

It reflects that Smilegate has decided to say farewell to Neowiz and work directly with Tencent. The publishing contract with Neowiz for China will be expired at the summer of the next year. Crossfire set the new CCU record in China with over 400 million and turned over US$893 million in 2011 for China only.

Smilegate and Neowiz Games filed lawsuits against each other. Neowiz Games claimed they have the trademark right and Smilegate filed a lawsuit for reclaiming.

And Neowiz Games filed a lawsuit to prohibit Smilegate to publish the game to third companies without Neowiz Games because Neowiz Games also participated in developing the game. Neowiz claimed that they developed DB technology for the game solely Smilegate requested Neowiz Games to define the DB program in detail.

All injunctions both companies applied have been accepted to the court. We are all waiting for the decision from the court.


The dispute over Crossfire trademark has just begun

The court accepted the request of injunction for prohibition of disposition from Smilegate against Neowiz Games.

According to this decision, Smilegate could protect tis right for Crossfire trademark and prohibit Neowiz to transfer or re-sell it. It was caused by Neowiz who has refused to return the right for the trademark after the publishing contract was expired.

Smilegate is satisfied with the court decision and keeps requesting their right on Crossfire trademark until it is finally backed to them through the court.