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Chaos Online is getting improved

Chaos Online, AOS game that developed by Neoact and published by Sesisoft, Nexon, went to Indonesia and China. Chaos is the Korean version of DOTA and originated from Warcraft III mod as well. Chaos Online is a stand-alone online version of Chaos.

It launched 2 years after League of Legends (LOL) came out in 2009. They adopted a few strengths of LOL and made up for the weakness. The unique feature of Chaos Online is the dynamic play style from anti-magic potions, a dispel staff, invincible effect of town portal.

The reason starting the service in Indonesia first over China and Japan is that Indonesia has similar PC Bang cultures and gamers inclination like Korea. On the other hand, The company chose Indonesia first to test the game under the harsh condition because IT infrastructure is a bit behind among Asian countries. The company focused on the regional PC Bang tournament because there is almost none portal web site in Indonesia.

CBT for China was started on the 7th of August. Haopang, a subsidiary of Shanda Games, is Chinese publisher. They chose Haopang because it knows e-sports well. Asiasoft, SE Asian publisher of the game, also understands e-sports well and has e-sports TV channel called Cybergames. The feedbacks from Chinese gamers are similar to games in Korea. They like the style of how the game is played and graphics.

The ultimate goal for Chaos Online will be hosting the world tournament. As a first step, Chaos Online will be presented at WCG 2012 as a demonstration sport. Korean team will play against the champion of Pre-league in China as an event match.

The game will be published in SE Asian countries includes Thailand on September and in Taiwan on December. Various features for e-Sports will be added until the first half of 2013. Chapter 3 update will be released in November.