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[Aeria Games] Launches Shaiya in Turkey


Shaiya, a MMORPG developed by Sonov and published by Aeria Games in North America and Europe, is going to be available in Turkish as well. The CBT date is not announced yet but you can sign up at the Turkish website.


SONOV, Korean developer of Shaiya (샤이야: Kor), Dragonsky (용천기: Kor), and Neo (네오 온라인: Kor), unveiled its much-anticipated new game Berkanix (베르카닉스: Kor) today. ?Here are some numbers that the company wants to impress you with; the game has been developed by in-house studio of 100 engineers and designers for three years and spent more than US$7.7 million.

The company also plans to introduce a web browser-based game and comic books as well.