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[Nexon] Put Kavatina Story Service on Hold

Kavatina Story will be temporarily put on hold as of December 31. The game was developed by Nexon’s?Wizet Studio whose production includes?Maple Story. Kavatina Story has been on OBT since last June but hasn’t taken off.

In the beginning the casual RPG started with such high expectation because of the studio’s previous success with Maple Story. But players left the game and there has been no update for the last three months.

Nexon sent us an email stating that due to lack of players and?re-shifting?the core developers (possibly to Maple Story 2 team) since the studio head Seung Chan Lee joined the team, the company decided to temporarily shut down the game. The company doesn’t have any specific date for the reopen.

[Nexon] Embrace two alumni

During Nexon’s recent organizational restructuring, two alumni joined the forces; ?Won Il Suh (서원일: Kor) and Seung Chan Lee (이승찬: Kor). Won Il will lead the launch of game portal “BlockParty” in Nexon America and Seung Chan will lead new projects including Maply Story2.

Won Il is?a former Neowiz Games executive and prior to Neowiz Games he served as Nexon America CEO from 2004 to 2005.

Seung Chan developed QuizQuiz at Nexon and Maple Story at his own company, Wizet, which was later acquired by Nexon. He developed Tenvi at his second company, which was acquired by Nexon again.