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‘Smart Hub,’ the new TV gaming platform

Samsung has announced their TV-based game service ‘Smart Hub.’

Samsung Electronics Co. showcased their 2014 ‘Smart Hub’ at the four day long CES 2014 event in Las Vegas.  Smart Hub is a content platform for the Samsung SmartTV, combining the use of five different categories such as movies, applications, pictures, games, and TV into one screen.

The interesting fact about the new 2014 Smart Hub is that it now focuses on the gaming aspect of the original Smart Hub over the others.  Samsung emphasized in their showcase the various advantages of having a TV as the platform, such as the ability to support high quality graphics and the combined interaction of the screen and the remote controller.

The games line-up for the Smart Hub include EA’s <Monopoly>, Hanbitsoft’s <World in Audition>, <Grand Mer>, nFun’s <Sky Chaser>, Com2us’ <Golf Star>, and Momo’s <Miracle Band>.  These games have been chosen for their relative ease in controls, and many other companies in the industry plan to join in on this new trend.

The need for extra hardware is eliminated with the use of the SmartTV platform.  Accordingly, Samsung announced the various ways the games will be controlled, including the ‘Smart Control’ remote controller, regular TV remote, and mobile phones.  Furthermore, the SmartTV’s already existing network capabilities will be used in order to include cooperative and competitive gameplay.

Smart Hub is planned to be initially launched in Korean, North American, and European regions, and its global launch is to be followed after confirming additional contents.


[Dungeon & Fighter] Reached 200,000 CCUs in Korea

Neople announced that its MMROPG Dungeon & Fighter (던전앤파이터: Kor) operated by Samsung reached 200,000 CCUs in Korea. The company found that the event that gave away a jumping character which normally can be played up from level 40 was one of main reasons behind such surge in CCUs.