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MMORPG Black Desert CBT, OBT schedule announced

Pearl Abyss, developer of MMORPG Black Desert, announced domestic testing schedule at the press event on the 22nd of January. According to their announcement CBT will be on July and OBT will be on December.

Black Desert is developed from the well-known developer Dae-il, Kim who developed R.Y.L and C9. The main theme of Black Desert will be the conflict over ruling Black Stone.

The game will be sand-box style MMORPG based on the vast open world. Users could produce, make, sell region specialties and trade them with goods from other regions.

MMORPG Black Desert is unveiled

A brand new MMORPG Black Desert was revealed last week. The game has been developed by Pearl Abyss, which is led by Dae-il, Kim. He is the producer of various typical Action MMORPGs such as RYL, R2 and C9.

The first play movie shocked us because of its completeness and graphics. The title of the game ‘Black Desert’ is named after oil in Middle East Asia. The background concept of the game is that the land was devastated by wars for Black Stone, which is the core resource of the game world.

Black Desert is using its own game engine to modify things as quickly as possible and support a seamless gaming world with gorgeous graphics. Players could enter and own any structures in the game and buy houses as well. Players could install a smelting furnace to produce useful metals and trade them. Each guild member could buy farms and mines and connected to make a guild activities area.

The combat system of the game is based on non-targeting and is action oriented. The siege warfare is the system that could determine the strongest guild in the game. The guild who won the siege warfare could monopolize game money and products from the region as well as tax.

The game already made a contract with GameOn for Japan publishing.

To watch the first released movie and more pictures in high resolution, click the link below:

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