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Korean companies at E3 2012

Which Korean online game companies will be appeared at E3 2012? Nexon, Wemade, CJ E&M, Eastsoft, Bluehole Studio will be there.

Nexon brings ‘Dungeon&Fighters Live’ for Xbox360 at E3 and will be held media showcase on the 6th of June. ‘Dungeon&Fighters Live’ is similar to its online game version, but supports 720p for TV. It supports single play as well as party play through Xbox Live.

Wemade Entertainment will announce 8 mobile games – ‘Choas&Defense’, ‘Goblin Mobile’, ‘Friend Fighter’, ‘Pet Island’, ‘Hero Square’, ‘Rhythm Scandal’, and ‘Project Q’ for the first time.

CJ E&M will introduce various online games includes ‘S2 Online’, ‘Bloody Hunter’, and a Roleplaying Shooting ‘Hounds’, MMORPG ‘Monarch’. Eastsoft will bring ‘Cabal 2’, which ended CBT last November. Bluehole Studio will have a booth for ‘Tera’, while Maiet Entertainment will show ‘Raiderz‘ at Perfectworld booth.

Best booths and games of GStar2011


We had the  survey at GStar 2011 with the total of 496 gamers.

Best Booth

The most visited booth was Blizzard. 67% replied that they come to GStar2011 for visiting Blizzard booth. Nexon is 2nd by 66%, very close to 1st. (NCsoft 56%, Neowiz 53%, NHN 45%)

Apparently big 3 titles, SC2:HotS/Diablo3/WOW, plus Blizzard DOTA were as hot as they could get in Korea during GStar2011.

Cyphers, AOS game from Nexon, was the booth that 33% spectators visit first because of the game coupon. Blizzard was 21% and NCsoft was 8%.

The most favorite booth to visit was Blizzard booth by 27.4%. On the other hand, the worst booth to visit was also Blizzard booth because people needed to wait for a long hours to experience games. Nexon was 2nd by 15% and also for the worst by 38% because people struggle to receive a game coupon.

Best Game

The most favorite game of GStar2011 is Diablo3 by 48% and SC2:HotS by 36%. Lineage Eternal was 3rd by 32%. Other competitors were Cyphers and Guild War2. The game people play the most during GStar2011 was online FPS Dizzel from Neowiz Games by 20%. Neowiz prepared well to have many computers with Dizzel. SC2:HotS was 2nd by 19%.

The game people like the most after they are playing were Dibalo3. Especially, 79.1% ,34 out of 43, like the game after they were playing. Kingdom Under Fire 2 and SC2:HotS were the games people like as well.

Other Games

Among social, mobile, web games, people like Homerun Battle 2 for iOS from Com2uS, Rhythm Scandal from Wemade Entertainment.


There were many Giveaways in each booth mostly from in-game items, mug, mouse etc. The most preferable was an in-game item coupon for Cyphers. The giveaways that people don’t like was Guild War 2 paper bag from NCsoft.