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Korean MMORPG line-up for G Star 2012

It seems that Wemade Entertainment has focused on mobile games recently. However, the company announced the only new MMORPG from Korean online game companies that will be revealed at G-Star 2012 called ICARUS. The game was previously known as NED, which presented large scale air combats with Cry engine.

Neowiz will present the playable version of BLESS for the first time. A secret game from Nexon might be Mabinogi 2 because they announced Mabinogi 2 will be revealed the second half of the year at the 2nd quarter earning conference calls. Project NT from Thingsoft will be revealed for the first time as well.

L&K Logic Korea will present Red Gem 2 that has been developed for 6 years with about $18 million budget.