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MBC Distortedly Connects ‘Pimir’ Minki Chun’s Suicide Attempt to Gaming Addiction

There is an ongoing controversy regarding MBC’s (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, one of major broadcasters in Korea) editing of the head investigator’s interview regarding the suicide attempt of AHQ Korea’s professional gamer ‘Pimir’ Minki Chun.

MBC News Today reported on the 14th that Minki Chun exposed the rigging of <League of Legends> games and attempted suicide afterwards.  This news report contained an excerpt from the interview of the head investigator that stated “Played a lot of games over many sleepless nights, and attempted suicide at a moment’s decision.”


Netizens rose up and expressed their discontent saying that the interview of the investigator was misleading to the viewers of the particular news.  The “played a lot of games over many sleepless nights” phrase in the interview may mislead viewers to think that gaming addiction was the cause of the suicide attempt.

As it is already known to the public, Minki Chun’s suicide attempt was directly related to the rigging of the games.  However, MBC began the specific news segment focusing on the existence of ‘gambling’ within eSports, and eventually edited the interview to bring out the subject of ‘gaming addiction.”  By doing this, they have led the viewers to believe that a gaming addicted previous professional gamer got caught in a web of gambles and ultimately attempted to take his own life.

Furthermore, MBC pessimistically reported the news, even stating that the <League of Legends> tournaments may be shut down.  However, the current issue solely deals with the previous coach Dae-Chul Roh’s fraud schemes, and has no direct relations with gaming addictions.

Minki Chun revealed the rigging of the <League of Legends> games and attempted suicide.  After revealing that his sponsor team ahq Korea’s coach, Dae-Chul Roh, had formed his team in the beginning with the sole purpose of fraud, he posted the words “I am leaving after posting these words.”

When the news aired, the netizens rose up against MBC.  The netizens wished for MBC to convey the correct message, saying that “they are destroying the honor of a victim of fraud, titling him with titles such as gaming addict and gambler.  We can’t help but suspect MBC of deliberate editing of the interview.”

On the other hand, Minki Chun is currently hospitalized and have recently regained consciousness.  Riot Games has expressed their concerns for the player, and have promised various forms of support for the suffering player.  Korean eSports Committee plans to pursue this case of fraud and to take lawful procedures.



LoL Pro Gamer Attempted Suicide after Exposing Fraud

MinKi Chun, a former <LoL> pro gamer of AHQ Korea alias in-game name ‘Pimir’, exposed a <League of Legends> scandal and attempted committing suicide this morning.

According to Chun, a <LoL> pro team AHQ Korea tried to fix four games during the 2013 LoL Champions Spring. The cheated matches were two against KTB and another two against CJF.

He noted that only another teammate and he had participated the fraud and the rest did not know about that then.


MinKi Chun ‘Pimir’

The former pro gamer Chun exposed that the team AHQ Korea was founded by DaeChul Roh in order to make some money out of gambling. The team manager Roh did not provide his players enough food and supplies. He also even tried to convince the players to get out of the pro stage after making a big money out of the gambling. As the players refused his proposal, Roh sold three training PCs and kicked them out from the gaming house. He lied to them that he did so because he needed money to send to its sponsor AHQ.

Chun finally doubted Roh’s behaviour and asked AHQ team manager in Taiwan directly and found out his fraud. AHQ only lended its name, devices, and uniforms to the AHQ Korea. Not a penny was supported from AHQ at all.

We do not know how painful and threatened he was but he took a wrong choice committing suicide after his confession. He jumped off from 12th floor of an apartment but thankfully he survived and is hospitalized as a severe emergency patient now.

Riot Games Korea formed a task force to investigate the scandal and take care of Chun’s recovery.

“Though AHQ Korea is not a memeber of the association, we will investigate and respond to the scandal quickly and sternly since it is our duty and right to protect professional players. We assume this cas as racketeering and fraud,” said Korea eSports Association.


New Chairman for Korean e-sports association

Byung-hyun, Jeon, a member of the national, takes office as the chairman of Korean e-sports Association. He said “I want to resolve the negative aspects of games through e-sports” at the inaugural ceremony.

At the ceremony, several people from the government attended and Young-ho, Lee aka Flash in Starcraft 2 pro-gaming world attended as the representative of all Pro-gamers as well.

He also said Korean e-sports need to change to overcome the slump in recent years. He also insisted that the new plan for e-sports environment and the establishment of the system are needed to turn around. Therefore, he proposed 4 visions such as ▶Better communication ▶Build stronger organization throughout the county ▶Better supporting for Amateur e-sports ▶Build stronger association financially.