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Baseball games are hot with the season starts

With the start of Korean Professional Baseball League, various online Baseball games are facing one another. Their weapons are not a game itself instead female celebrities from movies, singers, casters etc.

Ntreev Soft, the publisher of 2 most well-known baseball games – ‘Pro Baseball Manager’, ‘MVP Baseball Online’, chose an actress who is helping players in the game as assistance manager as well For MVP Baseball Online, they chose a singer.

Nexon, the publisher of ‘Pro Baseball 2K’, presented a real Baseball athlete with the beautiful woman as his guidance. It is a parody of ‘MLB2K 12’ presenting the supermodel Kate Upton.

NHN’s Baseball management game ‘Baseball 9th Grade’ and ‘Magu: Let’s become a Baseball manager’ from CJ E&M chose famous female baseball casters. Especially, CJ E&M presents actual cheerleader from the 8 Korean professional teams except the 9th team, NC Dinos.

Korean Pro-Baseball League 2013, a mobile baseball game from Gamezen, presents Miss Korea Truth and Goodness.

The reason every company presents female models for promoting baseball game is that baseball is popular among men.

NEXON recorded $1.38 billion in revenue

NEXON announced 4th quarter revenue as well as revenue for 2012 on 13th through TSE(Tokyo Stock Excahnge). NEXON recorded $1.38 billion for 2012 revenue, which 24% is increased comparing to 2011. Revenue in Japan has been increased a lot since NEXON acquired Gloops, a mobile game company.

NEXON declared that they are going to approach to the Japanese mobile game market more aggressively with the acquiring of Gloops in last October. According to the announcement, NEXON recorded $130 million revenue during the 4th quarter of 2012 in Japan only, which 72% is increased comparing to the same period in 2011. Considering NEXON recorded $91.5 million revenue for the 4th quarter in Korea, Japan market’s revenue overtook Korean market’s revenue already. NEXON also acquired another Japanese mobile game company – inBlue. NEXON expects better revenue from Japanese market in 2013 because NEXON made a contract with DeNA who is operating one of biggest mobile game platform Mobage, in January.

NEXON will launch Warface from Crytek and Pro Baseball 2K from 2K Sports during the first half. DOTA2 from Valve and Counter Strike 2 Online will be ready for the second half.  NEXON did not leave a comment on Maple Story 2 and Mabinogi 2. Cyphers is scheduled to launch at the end of 2013 in China.