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Pmang reforms as Global Social Platform

Pmang, Game Portal from Neowiz Games, will reform as Global Social Platform and covers PC, Mobile, and Social as well.

Neowiz Games announced the renewal plan for Pmang at the first quarter earning conference call on the 15th of May. The company will combine Pmang in Korea and Gameon in Japan together as one and is preparing unified membership service for it. The brand new Global Social Platform is going to launch at the end of this year.

All games from Neowiz Games and Gameon will be serviced at the platform. To promote the platform, Neowiz Games will develop and release more than 20 PC and mobile social games.

CrossFire’s CCU record broke 3.5 million in China

Sales for 1st quarter recorded $169 million while operating earnings reached $31 million. Net profit reached $24 million. Each record is the best per quarter so far.

The big reason behind the excellent results is laid upon the revenue from abroad. It has been increased 65% comparing to the same period last year. The huge success of ‘CrossFire’ in China contributed to the result most. Its CCU reached 350 million in China alone. In addition, ‘A.V.A’ keeps growing in Japan.

FIFA Online

Neowiz Games keeps discussing with EA to renew the publishing contract for ‘FiFA Online 2’ and talking about ‘FIFA Online 3’ publishing with EA as well. But, The Company is approaching them with conservative perspective. Both games are completely different contents. Therefore, even though ‘FIFA Online 3’ is serviced by other publisher, Neowiz Games could ask EA to update the roaster. But, nothing has been settled with ‘FIFA Online 2’ and ‘FIFA Online 3’ for now.

[Neowiz] Beefs up RPG lines with Monster Hunter

Neowiz started ‘channeling’ Monster Hunter Frontier Online via its game portal Pmang in Korea. NHN, the official local publishing partner of Capcom, began the OBT last August. Monster Hunter adopted a payment scheme from the Japanese service-? free-to-play up to level 10 then charges 16,500 Won (about US$ 13) monthly subscription fee in Korea.


[Korea] Traffic Rankings of Game Portals in July

Thanks to its success of sports and FPS games, for the first time Korean game portal Pmang came in first in site traffic rankings in July.

<KoreanClick Ranking, July 2009>


Absolute Unique Visitors


1 Pmang (Neowiz)

5.9 million

472.2 million

2 Nexon.com (Nexon)

7.38 million

588.2 million

3 Hangame (NHN)

6.41 million

405.6 million

4 Netmarble (CJ Internet)

5.49 million

491.7 million

<Rankey.com Ranking, July 2009>


Avg. Daily Visitors

Avg. Daily PVs

Market Share (%)

1 Pmang (Neowiz)

980 K

17.4 million

24.09 %

2 Hangame (NHN)

890 K

42.8 million

21.09 %

3 Netmarble (CJ Internet)

860 K

23.7 million

20.92 %

4 Nexon.com (Nexon)

850 K

13.0 million

19.01 %

[Korea] Weekly Update: Game Launch

Korean gamers will be torn apart between C9 and Battlefield Online (aka Battlefield Heroes) as two blockbuster games’s CBTs overlap some days. Of course provided you are chosen as beta tester. Besides two blockbuster games, a few promising games are starting a CBT this week.

Hessian (Military TPS)

C9 (Action RPG)

Battlefield Heroes (FPS)

  • Developer: EA
  • Publisher: Neowiz (Pmang)
  • Status: 2nd CBT (8/4~10)

Heva Online (Casual MMORPG)

  • Developer: Playbuster
  • Publisher: WindySoft
  • Status: 2nd CBT (8/4~10)

Appie Online 2 (2D RPG)

  • Developer/?Publisher: SeedC Korea
  • Status: CBT (8/6~20)