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Hive Integrates Gamevil and Com2Us


Today Gamevil introduced an integrated platform for global mobile games, <Hive>.

<Hive> is a platform that integrated Gamevil Circle, Gamevil Live, and Com2us Hub in order to let players from respective platforms play all together. It features membership functions and social community in addition to security, statistics, system management, game operation, and marketing tools. <Kritika: Chaos Unleashed> will be the first game launched onto the platform.

Gamevil took over control of Com2us with $68.6M last October.


Crowd Funding Only for Games Launched


Crowd funding, a method of collecting investments from the general public through means of medium channels, is a well-known phenomenon overseas (e.g. Kickstarter) that brought about many successes, such as <Wasteland 2> and <Mighty Number 9>.  Services such as this has been receiving much attention due to the fact that it has proved to be a very effective method for the developers to fund their own games during the development stages.

While such market has grown to value up to $53 million in Korea, services exclusive for the gaming industry did not exist.  However, gaming oriented crowd funding service ‘Tenspoon’ launched on the 8th.  What is Tenspoon and what kind of gaming oriented services are there?

QLab held a press conference regarding Tenspoon at the Samsung-dong Park Hyatt Hotel on the 9th.  The press conference introduced the services of Tenspoon.



Tenspoon’s services, like those of other crowd funding sites, allow developers to fund their projects with the aid of the general public.  What separates Tenspoon from other similar service providers is its ‘Tenspoon Plus’ service that aids the game’s launching process, a product review service by Qlab, and their visibility when it comes to sharing the development progress with their investors.



‘Tenspoon Plus’ service cooperates with game publishers such as SK Broadband to aid not only game development, but publishing and launching process.  This service is directed towards startups that are struggling in developing their first game.



Also, Tenspoon has decided to share the progress of its games in response to the common feedback of crowd funding: ‘development plan is not being kept.’  Supporters will be able to confirm the progress of their games, express their opinions via the comment system, and developers will be able to converse with their supporters.



Lastly, utilizing the expertise of Qlab’s QA business, Tenspoon pre-reviews its games for the benefit of the supporters.  This review service is unique in that the reviews are not for the game’s content plans but for the results of prototypes.

Qlab’s CEO Lee Sang-Gi commented regarding the game reviews: “As Qlab’s main business is QA, the reviews will only be fair and accurate after a prototype has been released.  Because writing product reviews just prior to the launching may leave little room for the game to change, we have decided to begin our reviewing process during the project phase; so that it may give more room for creativity and originality for the developers.


Tenspoon aims to collect a total of $1.5 million in funding and release 30 successful games within this year.  On top of this, Tenspoon plans to progress their business so that it may be helpful in connecting startup developers and publishers with investors.

Naver launches mobile game platform “Band Game”

Naver Camp Mobile announces they start the game platform service through Band from the 21st of April today. Band is the brand name of Naver’s social network service.


There will be no evaluation process like KAKAO Games to launch mobile games on Band. Naver gets 20% commission only as it has been known.

Naver Camp Mobile decided not to have the evaluation process because they want games to be selected by users, not by a platform holder. The number of Band users is 24 million, DAU is about 6 million. Of course, we cannot tell all registered Band users are gamers. Jong Man Park, CEO of Naver Camp Mobile, said “They will search for the game by themselves if we have fun games.”


The 2nd strength of Naver Band Game is competitive commission rate – 20%.

If a game launch on Apple App Store or Google Play Store, Apple/Google takes 30% while Social platforms that provide channeling service for the games takes 30% the rest commonly. That means the developer of the game takes 49% of the total revenue. However, they could expect to take at least 56% if they choose Naver Band Game as their channeling social platform. If they choose Naver app store instead of Apple App Store or Google Play Store, they could expect to take up to 64%.


Naver Camp Mobile reveals 10 available mobile games at the launch. Most of them are puzzle genre while DragonFriends from NHN Entertainment is SNG, Arch Sphere from Wemade Entertainment is MMORPG.

Naver Band games will have ‘with Band’ as a suffix, just like ‘for KAKAO’.

Kakao Wants More Hardcore Games

Kakao spoke its blueprint targeting hardcore games at Gametech 2014 held on 3 March.

SungWook Choi, the senior manager of international business development of Kakao, presented a few statistics to prove Kakao Game platform’s power on hardcore games such as RPG and CCG(card collectible games) as well as casual games. According to his data, the platform possesses 15M daily active user(DAU) and 22M monthly user in Korea. (as of March 2014)

He also noted that there is actually a game that reached accumulated revenue of $95M, followed by 5 games with $7M and 25 games with $1M.

Moreover, some top mobile RPGs reached DAU 1M and monthly revenue $15M, matching records of any PC-based online games. “Despite of platform charge, there is a chance for hardcore games to get their sales increased with our great number of users,” said Choi.

Kakao also announced that new service for hardcore gamers will be available soon, strengthening its competitiveness against other rising game platforms such as NHN’s Naver Band.



Naver Band Ready to Compete Against Kakao

Naver is reportedly going to launch a new gaming platform on its SNS Band in April.

According to industrial experts, Naver is going to launch the platform with about 10 mobile games. The most of front-line would be brand-new titles while popular titles would follow up later.

The Naver Band is pretty attractive for mobile game developers because it just takes 20% of revenue away from them while Kakao Talk takes 30% away. That is, they guarantee the poor developers of maximum 64% of profit.

On top of that, the #1 portal site in Korea supports diverse promotion including webtoon PPL, gaming dedicated page, pre-registration event, CPA mileage save, etc. This is undeniable bait for the small companies in lack of marketing budget.

Besides the PC portal, Naver Mobile boasts 21M daily UV as of July 2013 and more than 20M has downloaded the Band as of October 2013. 20M is nearly a half of Korean population.

Emerging of the Band gaming platform, the industry is more than welcoming it since they have been waiting for another platform besides the Kakao which has been exclusively conquoring the market so far.

Exact date of the debut is not announced yet.