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WeMade in the Red Expecting Windrunner 2 and Icarus


WeMade Entertainment recorded consecutive loss for last two quarters due to poor performance of casual games.

WeMade announced its performance for the first quarter of 2014 today. Its sales recorded $39M – decreased by 15% on a year-on-year basis –  and business loss recorded $10M.

A casual mobile game <Windrunner>’s poor performance shook the whole sales up. Sales in the casual mobile games recorded $7.6M which is decreased by 48% compared to $14.7M recorded last quarter. A hardcore mobile game <Ark Sphere>’s decent performance offset some loss from the casual games, but it wasn’t enough though.

WeMade is planning to focus on <Icarus>, <Ark Sphere>, and <Windrunner 2> for the second quarter. “We are well aware of that the first quarter’s performance just hit the lowest point ever. We believe we can recover it with steady selling games like <Icarus> and <Ark Sphere>,” said JoonSung Kim, a financial director of WeMade Entertainment.