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Blade&Soul started the commercialized service

Blade&Soul started the commercial service from the 30th of June. Monthly fee is 23,000 Won ($20.11) for 30 days, 69,000 Won for 90 days. ($60.33)

NCSoft did not update contents for its commercial launching. During July, NCSoft will introduce Su-wol plain, which was introduced during the 3rd CBT, and expand the maximum level up to 45.

In Su-wol plain, there is a town for Young-rin tribe, Half-moon Lake, Fog forest as well as more than 6 dungeons include The sea snake supply base that was presented during the 3rd CBT as well.

Blade&Soul took the 3rd spot for Korean PC-Bang ranking after the commercial service started with 13.97% PC Bang occupation rate. Diablo3 is 17.31% for #1 while League of Legends is 15.35%.for the 2nd spot.

Su-wol plain

Spider’s Nest

Blade&Soul tops the PC Bang ranking chart

Blade&Soul from NCSoft tops the PC Bang ranking chart in Korea and made Diablo3 stepped down to #2. Blade&Soul is occupied 20.35% while Diablo3 is 17.74%, League of Legends 14.03%. This is the first time Diablo3 is below 20% during the last 5 weeks.

What made Blade&Soul as #1 in the chart is that it was a weekend with no server maintenances. NCSoft was promoting the game at PC Bang with a huge event during the weekend as well. CCU records for Blade&Soul already broke 240,000 with 32 servers.

On the other hand, Diablo3 patch 1.0.3 made fans hugely disappointed in Korea. It made Diablo3’s PC Bang occupation rate below 20%.

However, the commercialization of Blade&Soul could be the one of variables. NCSoft announced that it will start the commercialization service from 30th of June with 23,000 Korean Won (about US$19.81) monthly fee. The monthly fee is 3,200 Korean(About US$2.76) Won higher than World of Warcraft in Korea.

How long will Diablo3 fever go?

Diablo3 fever hits Korea high since launching. The question is how long it will be? We asked it to 230 industry people. They consist of developers and business men.
About 90% of the participants answer that Diablo3 is succeeded beyond their prediction. Business people surprised 6.6% more than developers.

The result of Diablo3’s success was expected or more than expected, 89.5%

About how long Diablo3 fever will go, 30% predicted that it will go until June while 17% answers until the next year. Business people predicted it will be getting cold any time soon, while developers predicted it will go until the summer vacation. Participants who did not play Diablo3 predicted more that it won’t last long than participants who play it.

Could Diablo3 keep providing new contents often?

More than the half of participants chose the lack of contents as the main reason people will quit to play Diablo3 because it is a package game not an online game.

After Diablo3 fever becomes stable at PC Bang, 41.8% participants predicted PC Bang occupying rate of Diablo3 will be over 16%, which could be #1 at PC Bang. 18.7% answers it will be between 11~15%, which could be top5 at PC Bang.

PC Bang owners & Item trade sites is also happy with Diablo3’s success

Beside Blizzard, who is getting most benefits from Diablo3’s success? 41.2% of the total participants answer PC Bang owners. 35.2% Developers answer item trade sites, while 29.4% business men agreed.

PC Bang occupying rate for LOL is down from 20% to 11% because of Diablo3

Then who is getting most damages from Diablo3’s success? Participants chose League of Legends overwhelmingly and the next is Aion.

Who might be the crises for Diablo3’s continuing success? While 49.6% answer it won’t affected by external factors, 26.5% chose Blade&Soul OBT in June.

Diablo3 causes Cataclysm at PC Bang Ranking

Many issues has been made since Diablo3 is launched throughout the world – Korea is not an exception. Because Blizzard Korea announced that they prepare the enough number of the collector’s edition for the launching event and everyone could buy one or two, 5,000 fans who stayed overnight to buy the collector’s edition in Seoul on the 14th of May. However, the truth is they prepared 2,000 copies only because they estimated 1,000 people will join the event. Fans got angry enough even before they meet error 37.

Dominating at PC Bang Ranking
According to the data from Gametrics, a professional Korean PC Bang statistics provider, Diablo3 occupied 28.93% of total PC Bang occupancy rate from the 15th to 21st of May. After the server became a bit stable on 21st, the rate went straight up to 38.75%. There has been only 1 game that the rate goes up over 30% – Starcraft.

League of Legends(LOL) was #1 in Korea with 20.70% before Diablo3 launching, however the rate went down to 13.65%. (On 24th of May, Diablo3 rate 39.41% / LOL rate 11.57%) Not only LOL rate went down, but also the rates of all games within top 10 before Diablo3 launching went down.
Because of the lousy launching event, people who have not involved with any game experiences before shows interests toward Diablo3 include KPOP stars, politicians etc.

Most Korean developers and publishers pretended not paying attention to Diablo3, their actual thinking seems ‘Let’s avoid Diablo3’ now. In fact, there was no Korean online game companies announce CBT, OBT around the 15th of May. We are not sure whether Diablo3 made most Korean online game companies’ share prices down recently or economic crises in Europe did, but it is true that share prices of Korean online game companies went down.
We are not sure how long Diablo3’s domination is continuing in Korea. But if it goes long enough, many Korean online games will be affected by Diablo3.

Blue – Diablo3 / Red – League of Legends / Green – Aion

PC Bang owners plan for suing Nexon

Owners of PC-Bang (Cybercafe) sue Nexon for making a loss by doing unfair corporate practices and one-man protest at the in front of Nexon Korea building and major political party buildings. They plan for damage claim suit near future as well. Nexon contradicts their argument.

The group of PC-Bang owners called Korea Internet Cultural Content Cooperation reports Nexon’s unfair corporate practices to Fair Trade Commission on the 22nd of May.

The corporation insists that Nexon did not act properly for the issue that their games often keep charging even after games are shut down. In addition, Nexon is providing games as a PC-Bang package to PC-Bang, which unpopular games are included forcibly. They report that Nexon did not allow connecting their games from PC-Bang that does not buy their PC-Bang products as well. Most Nexon games are free to play at home, but only PC-Bang owners get charged in Korea.

Nexon Korea argues with each of their insistence. Nexon reports that there is almost no calculation errors happening now. Even if it is happened, Nexon immediately compensate it 3 times of the overcharged amount to PC-Bang.

About making PC-Bang to purchase the premium PC-Bang package, Nexon said “It is a part the company’s operating field. All issues from the cooperation have been told for a long time and nothing is new. We doubt any other purposes they might have by issuing them again now.”