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Black Desert OBT Trailer

Black Desert OBT started on 17th, Dec in South Korea and ranked #4 in PC Bang rank, which is impressive.

(Video) MMORPG Icarus’ First Moment of OBT

WeMade Entertainment’s latest MMORPG <Icarus> kicked off its OBT today. We took a video of its very first tutorial part for you, showing additional action, stories, and scenes.

<Icarus>’s OBT began with five classes including Berserker, Guardian, Assassin, Wizard, and Priest, featuring max level 25, a new map Hakanas Ocean, and a new raid.

It also introduced a vitality system that allows players play the game up to 12 hours a day and 35 hours a week only, resetting the vitality at every 4 A.M. Without the vitality, the players are restricted in completing quests, making experience point, looting items, and so on.

WeMade is going to add a new area where free PK is allowed and introduce Archer as a new class after the OBT.

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Warface will be free to individual in Korea

Nexon, the publisher for Warface from Crytek, held Media conference for the Korean service. Nexon satisfied with the result from OBT because every aspects of the game show positive results.

According to OBT analysis, 47.4% of OBT participants enjoyed both PvP and PvE while PvE only user is 28.7% and PvPer is 23.9%. They also choose each class almost evenly – Rifleman 25%, Medic 25%, Engineer 24%, Sniper 26%.

PC Bang occupation rate is getting higher. Users who play the game at PC Bang could get benefits such as accessible to various weapons without Vendor Points, +20% more XP, Game Points and Vendor Points, Instant Resurrection Coin for PvE mode. As a result, 40% of the total participants have played the game through PC Bang.

Nexon promised they will keep the nature of high quality classic FPS game and add in-game items that never affect to the game balance. Therefore, Nexon will charge to PC Bang only and let individual gamer play the game free.

In Russia, more effective weapons in the game could be purchased in cash. However, Nexon think it will not work for Korean gamers. That makes Nexon to choose a different commercialization method in South Korea with Crytek supports.

Archeage OBT cruising with 20 servers

Archeage OBT for Korean gamer started 8:00 AM on the 2nd of January. XLGames provided 20 servers for OBT with contents up to level 40.

Most servers display busy or a waiting number to connect. Some popular servers have 500~1,000 gamer on the waiting list and 2,300 gamer for the best server. There has not been any report that serious server issues yet.

XLGames is monitoring all servers to keep each server status still and controlling monster regenerating speed for some crowded regions.

XLGames said “We are trying our best to prevent even minor issues happening because the game has been developed more than 6 years. We will provide best game experiences to gamer with various ways.”

Blade&Soul OBT records 150000 CCU within an hour

Blade&Soul OBT started PM 4:00 on the 21st of June. The game records 150,000 CCU within an hour and increased the number of servers from 2 to 25. NCSoft has prepared the total of 30 servers for its OBT. Servers were stable and pleasant unlike Diablo3.

According to Gametrics who provides various data from PC-Bang in Korea, Blade&Soul is ranked #3 followed by Diablo3 and League of Legends (LOL). The rate of PC-Bang occupation was 9.61% while Diablo3’s was 22.14% and LOL was 16.06%.

LOL PC-Bang occupation rate seems not affected by Blade&Soul OBT because the genre is different.
NCSoft spent US$ 432,000 on Blade&Soul for 6 years.