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[Korea] Weekly Update: Game Launch

Korean gamers will be torn apart between C9 and Battlefield Online (aka Battlefield Heroes) as two blockbuster games’s CBTs overlap some days. Of course provided you are chosen as beta tester. Besides two blockbuster games, a few promising games are starting a CBT this week.

Hessian (Military TPS)

C9 (Action RPG)

Battlefield Heroes (FPS)

  • Developer: EA
  • Publisher: Neowiz (Pmang)
  • Status: 2nd CBT (8/4~10)

Heva Online (Casual MMORPG)

  • Developer: Playbuster
  • Publisher: WindySoft
  • Status: 2nd CBT (8/4~10)

Appie Online 2 (2D RPG)

  • Developer/?Publisher: SeedC Korea
  • Status: CBT (8/6~20)

[NHN] Karos Online in Europe

nhnThe wait is over. NHN announced its first title in Europe, a fantasy MMORPG called Karos Online. The game?is currently being developed by Galaxy Gate (previously developed Last Chaos) in Korea and is scheduled for release this fall in English, followed by German and Turkish versions.

[NHN] Launches European MMO service

nhnAnother story of Korean publisher’s expansion today.

NHN, a Korean online game developer and publisher, announced the imminent opening of its new MMO service in Europe. After launching game portals in Korea (Hangame), Japan (Also,?Hangame), China (Ourgame), and US (ijji), the company is now extending further into the global online games market with its first European release.

The company hasn’t released the details of its first European title yet.

[NHN] iDoGame


Imagine AppStore only for online games. As NHN is introducing an open platform,?iDoGame, to thousands of aspiring game developers at COEX in Korea, the company announced its beta service in September. It’d be interesting to see how this novel idea pans out in Korea.

Several interesting takeaways;

  • Revenue share model: NHN pays developers based on CCU. (1CCU=1 Point that developers can later cash out roughly equivalent to US$0.08 – rather stingy compared to AppStore.)
  • IDE (Integrated Develop Environment): GameOVEN, a proprietary develop tool, will provide to developers
  • IP: IP ownership will belong to developers.
  • E for Everyone: NHN will serve as rating board and only allow E-rating games to publish.

Korean Big 5 Publishers’ Report Cards for 1Q09

OK. Folks! Here are more numbers from 1Q09 financial reports.

inews24, a Korean online media site, reported that Korean Big 5, NCsoft, NHN, Nexon, Neowiz Games, CJ Internet, exceeded their initial goal in Q1 and it’s expected to reach 2 T Won (US$ 1.5 B) which accounts for 61% of total online gaming market in Korea in 2009.

A few noteworthy pointers from the article;

– NCsoft

  • 1Q09 revenue: 133.4 B Won (US$ 102.6 M)
  • Expected revenue to be over 600B Won (US$ 102.6 M) in 2009
  • Aion licence loyalty starts rolling from China as of 2Q and revenue from commercial services in Taiwan and Japan as of 2H.


  • Revenue in 2008 (including NHN Japan and China): 572.9 B Won (US$ 441.4 M)
  • Revenue in 1Q09 : 161.1 B Won (US$ 123.9 M)
  • 1Q09 revenue breakdown:
  1. Hangame (Korea): 116.4 B Won (US$ 89.5 M)
  2. China: 5.5 B Won (US$ 4.2 M)
  3. Japan: 39.3 B Won (US$ 30.2 M)

– Nexon

  • Revenue in 2008: 500 B Won (US$ 384.6 M)
  • MapleStory still going strong and Dungeon Fighter Online (던전앤파이터) now added to lineup so all in all very promising

– Neowiz Games

– CJ Internet

  • Revenue in 1Q: 56.3 B Won (US$ 43.4M)
  • Prius Online (프리우스 온라인) not so good outside of Korea
  • Big hopes for Dragon Ball Online (드래곤볼 온라인)

There you have it. Hope this is enough to fill your report or to brag your knowledge on Korean online gaming market to coworkers. Just don’t forget to thank inews24 for that.

* 1Q09 financial statements were not available at the moment for those companies who only have 2008 data. Will update the post once I access to them.