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CJ Games sold all of Softmax shares

CJ Games, a subsidiary of CJ E&M, sold all of Softmax shares at 6,300 million Korean Won (about $5.57 million. They had 7.73% of Softmax shares. The analysts said it would be a decision for focusing more on mobile games.

When CJ Games bought shares of Softmax and became the 2nd largest stockholder, analysts said it is for MMORPG The War of Genesis 4.

It has been known that CJ Games has not made a decision on how to use this extra funds in the future.

Clash of Online Soccer Games

2 most well-known Online Soccer franchises are about to clash – FIFA Online 3 Vs. Winning Eleven Online. NHN made a partnership with Neowiz Games to make Winning Eleven Online better. Neowiz Games will provide a channeling service for Winning Eleven Online and promote the game based on their experience from publishing FIFA Online.
NHN told “Behind of Success of FIFA Online, Neowiz Games were there. We would like to learn their know-how by cooperating with them.” Neowiz Games also need a substitute for FIFA Online because they had to shut down FIFA Online service with the expiration of the publishing contract with EA. NEXON is a publisher for FIFA Online 3.
NHN also plan to improve Winning Eleven Online as well. After 1st CBT, NHN decided to change the game engine to improve graphics and the movement of athletes. The previous engine will be replaced by the same version that used for Winning Eleven 13. The changing process has been done more than 6 months already.
NHN plan to reveal new Winning Eleven Online between May to August this year.


Hangame hiring experienced mobile game developers

Hangame, separated and independent from NHN, starts reconstructing the organization as a developing focused company. The company starts the open competitive employment and will hire about 100 experienced developers.

According to the posting of a job opening, Hangame will focus heavily on developing mobile games. Hangame released mobile games from the last year. Fish Island achieved $3.23 million monthly revenue without KAKAO Talk.

This move is an action from Hangame in response to the recent platform change in the game market – PC online to mobile. The mobile game revenue of Hangame was $6.92 million, which surpassed the revenue from PC online games and Web based games. Hangame also has a brother company OrangeCrew, a mobile focused developer.

With the success of LINE, mobile messenger, Hangame is expecting a great synergy effect.

NHN split game and mobile division

NHN decided to split the company at the director’s meeting on the 6th, FEB. NHN separate its game and mobile divisions to strengthen its competitiveness for each market. NHN Japan also split Hangame as well. NHN will be focusing on Portal business, while Hangame and LINE Plus/Camp Mobile take care of game and mobile business.

NHN told “It is time to guarantee entrepreneurial independence for game and portal businesses. It is necessary to have the best optimized communication structure, HR system, and organizational culture for each business area. It is positively necessary to split the company to go forward.”

There is nothing to be decided for OrangeCrew and Naver Game yet. OrangeCrew is mobile game developing center for NHN and Naver Game is operating game channeling service with 8 million users. It is possible that they both are merged into Hangame, However it is also possible that NHN will keep PC online, Mobile and developing division and business division separately since NHN split its business into wire and wireless.

NHN also decided to establish new companies to strengthen its mobile service. While Camp Mobile will be taking care of various internet businesses under the current smartphone environment, LINE Plus is for the mobile messenger service with games. Both companies are independent subsidiaries of NHN.

LINE already has over 100 million registered users all over the world and will compete with KAKAO as a mobile game distribution platform. KAKAO is dominating the domestic market, but LINE has been succeeded in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Therefore, it has been known that LINE is a better platform for international market to Korean mobile game developers, especially for Japan.

NHN considers separating Hangame

NHN is considering separating Hangame from the company. There has been a rumor since December, 2012 because it is quite difficult to catch up with fast-changed mobile industry under the current organization, which has various businesses to cover.

It is known that the head office is calculating profits and losses if they separate Hangame from the company. Some media predicted it will be discussed at the directors meeting next month and determine at the general meeting of stockholders on March.

If Hangame were separated, NHN will be free from the negative aspects by operating gambling board games as well as capable of fast-paced decision makes and carry forward new business more aggressively.

A person from NHN confirmed that they consider separating Hangame. But, nothing has been settled yet.