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NHN Games Merged into Webzen

Webzen and NHN Games merged into one company and one name, Webzen, on July. The value of the mega game company is estimated to be around 400 billion Won (US$333 million) with 550 employees.

Two companies prepared this day from 2008 starting from shifting management team then integrating business divisions on June 2009, then moving into same building on December same year.

Through this merger, Webzen secures ?more than 12 titles including Mu Online, SUN: World Edition, Archlord, R2 and C9, Huxley:Dystopia, Battery.

<NHN Games’ Byung Kwan Kim (김병관: kor, left) and Webzen’s Chang Keun Kim (김창근:kor) at the press conference>

[NHN Games] Dissolved into Webzen

NHN?Games will be dissolved into Webzen. Byung Kwan Kim (김병관: Kor), CEO of NHN Games, will remain as chief strategy officer at Webzen. The company says “two companies has undergone some changes and already completed mergers since last June so there won’t be much changes internally.” The change will be confirmed at a shareholder meeting on May.

NHN Games started as a spin-off from NHN in 2004 and has developed R2, Arch Lord, and C9. It is a?subsidiary of NHN, who has 46.88% of NHN Games’ shares.

[Korea] Weekly Update: Game Launch

Last week, C9 did a server stress test and miserably failed. Despite its successful market, the test left gamers who couldn’t even log onto the game frustrated. This week, along with Halo 3: ODST having a release party (or more like a press conference in Korea), quite a few online games are trying to capture audience.

c9C9 (Military TPS)

devCATHusky Express (mmorpg)

  • Developer: devCAT Studio (Nexon)
  • Publisher:?Nexon
  • Status: OBT (8/11)

hessianHessian (Military TPS)

  • Developer:?if
  • Publisher:?GSP Interactive
  • Status: 1st CBT (8/13~15)
  • Korean Titile: 헤쎈

divinesoulDivine Soul (3D Action RPG)

  • Developer/ Publisher: GamePrix
  • Status: 1st CBT (8/12~15)

battlestarBattlestar Online (RTS + FPS)

  • Developer: Game World (格美?空: Chi)
  • Publisher: CJ Internet (Netmarble)
  • Status: 1st CBT (8/14~16)
  • English Title: Field of Honor (FoH)

    Today’s Game Launch

    Here is a list of games that is launched or will be lauched soon;

    ARENA Online (3D Fantasy MMORPG)

    Archlord: Arch Battle of the World (MMOPRG)

    • Publisher: Webzen
    • Developer: NHN Games
    • Status: OBT starts in August, 2009
    • Language: English

    Gates of Andaron (Fantasy MMOG)

    La Tale (2D side-scrolling MMORPG)