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NHN Entertainment plans to add three new subsidiaries

NHN Entertainment, a company that had separated itself from NHN Corp. earlier this year, plans to add three new subsidiaries.  The three new companies, which are fully financed by NHN Entertainment, are NHN BlackPick, NHN PixelCube and NHN Studio 629.  This inquiry will be held as the focus of the upcoming shareholders’ meeting on January 29th, and will be put in effect on February 1st.


NHN BlackPick will be responsible for operating and managing PC based MMORPG <E.O.S>, <Asta>, and <Football Day>.  NHN BlackPick will also be responsible for managing the mobile games <Team Nine> and <Baseball 9 Dan>.  On the other hand, NHN PixelCube will operate the mobile games <Fish Island>, <Line POP>, and <Line Jelly>.  Lastly, NHN Studio 629 will be developing and operating the mobile games <POKOPang for Kakao> and <Wooparoo Mountain for Kakao>.

The most noticeable feature of these new subsidiaries is that they are not each divided into specific categories, such as business, development and operation, but rather all three are responsible for multiple fields of game development.  All three companies have received full rights for their games in management and licensing.  NHN Entertainment will not limit the capabilities of their subsidiaries.  This will allow the three companies to be independent of each other regardless of their plans.


Ever since NHN has grown larger, it has continuously attempted at dividing itself in order to allow further growth.  NHN has separated their Ads and Infrastructure departments away from the core company back in May 2009.  It established Camp Mobile and Line Plus this year in order to follow the latest mobile trend.  The latest change to NHN is their decision to create NHN Entertainment to separately manage their games department.

All three of the subsidiaries will still be located within the NHN Entertainment Play Museum, developing and operating various genres of games, including action, puzzle, and RPG.

Project R1 is now Tree of Savior

Project R1 from IMC Games confirms an official title “Tree of Savior”.

NHN Entertainment announces on 13th of August that “Project R1” is now “Tree of Savior”. The game was first revealed at Hangame EX in 2011 as 2D MMORPG. For cute-looking characters, IMC Games make 3D models based on 2D concept arts and transform it to 2D again.
NHN Entertainment told “The releasing schedule is not confirmed yet, but developing works is going very smoothly.”

You can find more information about Project R1 here: http://www.thisisgame.com/webzine/nboard/14/?n=23102