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Nexon Developer Conference 2014 Announces Impressive Roster of Attendees


Nexon Developer Conference 2014 (NDC) is drawing much attention from the game industry as the roster of its attendees become ever more impressive.

Nexon has announced on the 9th the roster of the attendees for the NDC 2014, which commences from the 27th to the 30th.  Some of the keynote speakers stand out among the others.  Many of the speakers are people who were once referred to as the ‘father’ of a certain field.

First, KAIST’s Professor Gil-Nam Kim, also known as the father of Korean internet, takes the stage as the keynote speaker.  Professor Kim is also the professor that taught many of today’s game industry leaders, such as Nexon’s Jungjoo Kim and XL Games’s Jaekyung Song.

Furthermore, Nexon’s director Jiwon Park and Nexon Japan’s director Owen Mahoney also take the stage as speakers under the topic of ‘Game Company CEO.’  Director Park has experience in leading Nexon Japan’s global business, and Owen Mahoney has acted as the VP of EA business development from 2000 to 2009 until his entry into Nexon in 2010.

On the 28th, XL Games’s CEO Jaekyung Song is planned to give a speech under the title ‘Checkpoint of MMORPG,’ NDoors’s director Taegon Kim is planned to give a speech titled ‘Making a mobile MMORPG,’ and PatiGames’s CEO Daehyung Lee is planned to give a speech titled ‘Challenges in the 7th Chinese Market.’

Also, CEO Yongjae Min of YJM Entertainment, the company behind Nexon’s <Fortress> <CartRider> <Malbinogi> <MapleStory>, is also planned to share his experience in the game industry under the title ‘Game Industry’s Past, Future, and the rest of the story.’

On the last day the 29th, Nexon’s VP Sangwon Jang (aka Mr. Dding) takes the stage under the title ‘Tactical Commanders, its beginning and end.’  Lastly CEO Hakgyu Kim of IMC Games, the company behind <Tree of Savior>, takes the stage under the title ‘Memoirs of my life as a developer.’

NDC 2014 has organized its topics as game design, programming, visual art & sound, production, business marketing, and company management.  The conference is to take place at the Pangyo Nexon Buildling and the public support center from the 27th to the 29th, and up to 104 detailed sessions are in plan.

(Video) Sneak Peek of Maple Story 2 Characters and Monsters

Nexon released a teaser revealing new character and monster artworks of <Maple Story 2> on April 15. <Maple Story 2> was announced last November for the first time, featuring full-3D quarter-view MMORPG set in the age prior to <Maple Story> world.

You can check more of <Maple Story 2> stuff at its teaser site(http://maplestory2.nexon.com/). Nexon is planning to test the sequal within this year.



(Trailer) Maple Story 2 reveals a cinematic trailer

Nexon Korea Corporation has revealed a cinematic trailer for the MMORPG <Maple Story 2>, which has been in development by Nexon Corp. and NCSoft Interactive in collaboration.  Let’s take a look at the CG trailer.

The trailer depicts an epic battle between two characters.  According to the images and names posted in the game’s teaser page, the assassin-looking lady is called ‘Bella’ and she summons a gigantic monster called ‘Devlin’ towards the end of the trailer.

Announced last month as an official sequel to the original <Maple Story>, <Maple Story 2> is planned to be a full 3D MMORPG.  The setting of the game is set around the world before the events of <Maple Story>, and players will be able to see memorable monsters or backgrounds from the original.

The game is being developed by a Nexon-NCSoft collaborate organization ‘NSquare Development,’ and the first user test phase is planned to be in 2014.

According to Nexon’s CEO Seo-Min, “<Maple Story> and <Maple Story 2> have differences in their playstyles and players will be able to experience a brand new experience.  We (Nexon) consider the two to be very different products, and we plan to give our full support in operating both the original and the sequel.”





Nexon’s Kim Jung-Joo purchases overseas stroller company

Kim Jung-Joo, the founder of Nexon Corporation as well as the current President of NXC Corporation, has purchased an overseas stroller company Stokke AS.

Numerous foreign press, including the Bloomberg L.P, announced on the 13th that NXMH BVBA’s (NXC’s investment focused branch) Belgian office became the official owner of the Norwegian infant merchandise company Stokke AS.  The official transaction amount was not revealed, but foreign press are estimating the transaction to be around 472 million US dollars.


Stokke AS is a company established in 1932 that has been producing high-end infant merchandise such as strollers and infant beds, and is present in over 60 countries across the globe.  An NXC personnel has commented that “NXMH BVBA is a very creative company and it has been investing in many companies that contribute to the society.  This purchase is one based on same principals, and it has been in preparation since Q2 of 2013.”

A Nexon personnel has also commented on this purchase saying that “Stokke AS is a company that contributes to the society by producing quality infant merchandise.  We think that the intentions of Stokke AS and that of ours is similar in that both provide services in the interest of children; and it is because of this that we expect great synergy between the two companies.”  Nexon also spoke highly of Stokke AS’ stability and its vision for the future.

Now that the transaction is complete, NXC plans to fully support the growth of Stokke AS.  A Nexon personnel commented that: “We plan to respect the experience that Stokke AS has accumulated, and we plan give all the aid we can in helping it become prominent in the global market.  We plan to assist Stokke AS’ current executives in achieving this dream.”

With the previous purchase of Lego trading site ‘BrickLink’ back in June, this is the second time that NXC purchased a non-gaming company this year.

Nexon supports DOTA2 Korea Champions financially

Nexon reveals DOTA2 NSL (Nexon Sponsorship League) on 22th at the press conference. The press conference was held in Gangnam GOMTV studio. Nexon plans NSL as discovering amateur teams who want to go up pro level and supporting them from various perspectives to make them growing as pro teams safely.

NSL will be held from September and is consist of 3 seasons for 6months with the total sponsorship money $294,000. The champion team for each season will receive financial sponsorship for a year such as a team house, team operation fee, opportunities to compete in foreign events, latest equipment and introducing them to companies who want to establish own pro teams.

The champion for 1st season will receive about $98,000 sponsorship while the 2nd and 3rd season champions receiving $71,600 and $53,700 sponsorship. The champion teams cannot compete in the next season. From 2nd to 8th teams for each season will receive a proper amount of prize money and are seeded for the next season.

16 teams will be selected through the open qualifier. From the round of 16, NSL will be broadcasted at GOMTV live.