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[Korea] 5 Key Trends for 2009? ② Anything Zombie

This is the second installment of the five-part series: Anything zombie.

The trend started with Counter Strike Online: Zombie 3 and Left4Dead 2, then it took off as other companies added zombie characters in their games such as Nexon America’s Combat Arms, Sonov’s Project D, WeMade’s Gem Fighter, GameHi’s Zombie Online, Nexon’s Bubble Fighter and BnB. It turned out that players loved the fight against the undead.

<Counter Strike Online>

Introducing zombies into the games brought the horror aspect into the simple match. “Zombies naturally play perfect?villains??thanks to its horror and freakish strength. Especially for FPS games, it created a whole new game between player vs. zombie rather than the old player vs. player. Also, the game is not just about one-shot-one-kill anymore. You can fire up all your weapon to kill zombies. And that’s a different kind of fun,” explained an industry insider.

<Even a casual quiz game like BnB adapted a zombie theme>

[Nexon] Embrace two alumni

During Nexon’s recent organizational restructuring, two alumni joined the forces; ?Won Il Suh (서원일: Kor) and Seung Chan Lee (이승찬: Kor). Won Il will lead the launch of game portal “BlockParty” in Nexon America and Seung Chan will lead new projects including Maply Story2.

Won Il is?a former Neowiz Games executive and prior to Neowiz Games he served as Nexon America CEO from 2004 to 2005.

Seung Chan developed QuizQuiz at Nexon and Maple Story at his own company, Wizet, which was later acquired by Nexon. He developed Tenvi at his second company, which was acquired by Nexon again.

[Redbana] Audition Season 2 in US

redbanaIf you ever wonder what happend to Audition at Nexon America, Redbana US has it now. Redbana is the North American development and publishing arm of T3 Entertainment, which is the developer of Audition. Redbana is based in San Mateo, California, USA and just lauched Audition Season 2.

[Nexon America] July Revenue Increases 35 % YOY

nexonNexon America sent out press release yesterday saying its July revenue went up 35% compared to the same time last year but didn’t slip any actual numbers. For those still interested in what they are bragging out, I copy-and-pasted the entire press release below.



Nexon America announces record-breaking July, increases revenues 35 percent over July 2008

Nexon America announced a record-breaking month of growth throughout its portfolio of games in July, and posted a huge 35 percent increase in revenues when compared to the same time last year.

Leading the way for Nexon America’s growth is its blockbuster hit MapleStory, a massively multiplayer online role playing game. MapleStory set a new record in July, with more than 70,000 max concurrent users. This marks continued growth for the North American service, which has more than six million registered users and is part of MapleStory’s 92 million total worldwide.

While most of the video games industry has been mired with losses this year ? the NPD Group reported industry revenues dropped 29 percent for July compared to July of 2008, Nexon America has been aggressively marketing its products with a positive result.

“The economy has been tough on great deal of the games industry, but we fought hard to retain our customers and to bring in as many new players as possible,” said Min Kim, Nexon America’s vice president of marketing. “We’re heavily investing on all fronts – in our games, our publishing platform, aggressive marketing efforts as well as customer service. The best news for Nexon America is that our success isn’t just reflected in registered users, but in actual, dramatic revenue growth.”

In July, Nexon America conducted a marketing campaign for its fantasy MMOG, Mabinogi, with advertising across the internet. Nexon America also ran a major television campaign for MapleStory and included commercials before blockbuster movies in theaters during July. A campaign for its popular first-person shooter, Combat Arms, is currently underway.

Also, during the last week of July, Nexon America added major content updates to MapleStory, Mabinogi and Combat Arms, and plans to launch Dungeon Fighter Online later this year. Nexon also announced its plans for Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), which will mark the company’s first major involvement in a consumer trade show. Nexon will continue to lead the way in the free-to-play gaming market in the coming months with an aggressive rebranding initiative called BlockParty, which will unite Nexon America’s games and players together in a way never before achieved in the North American market.

“We are serious about making Nexon the top brand in online gaming, and we are not backing on down our efforts to deliver more content to our customers or aggressively work to attract new players,” said Kim. “We pioneered the free-to-play business model when we brought MapleStory to North America in 2005. With the slew of new games we have planned and the BlockParty initiative, which will bring players together like never before, we will continue to be the leader in this market for years to come.”

[Nexon] OBT for MapleStory-based online card game


Nexon America has opened the beta for its MapleStory-based online card game iTCG Online. The beta will run through August 25 and the browser-based game requires no download.