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HyunA in Mystic Fighter

Netmarble’s <Mystic Fighter> released a making-film with a hot star HyunA from 4Minute in warrior, vampire, and high school student outfits.

Before check her out, you probably want to know what game she’s in and here’s the side-scrolling MORPG’s latest trailer.

It has kicked off its OBT since this April, featuring dynamic interaction with objects in maps.

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What Tencent Let CJ Games, Netmarble, and Bang Do

JoonHyuk Bang returned to Netmarble as its largest shareholder for the first time in 10 years. He has received investments totaling up to $500M from Tencent, and has managed to use this to merge Netmarble into CJ Games.

Just what kind of progress has been made so far, and what kind of future can we expect from this big surge of change? We have organized the situation with Bang , Tencent, CJ Games, and the merged CJ Netmarble(assumed).

  • Advisor JoonHyuk Bang Reclaims Netmarble with Tencent Investments

JoonHyuk Bang

CJ E&M’s advisor JoonHyuk Bang drew out Tencent’s investments of $500M.  Among those, he used about $330M on the acquisition of shares of Netmarble, MediaWeb, N2Play, and YJM Entertainment.

As one of the most common methods in transfer of management rights, acquisition of shares represents the selling of the shares from within the company.  Simply spoken, Bang used $330M out of the investment in order to purchase the shares and the right of management of all 4 companies.


  • CJ Games Escapes from the Subsidiary Law with the Change in the Largest Shareholder Position


In actuality, it is easier to say that CJ E&M has handed the full management rights of CJ Netmarble to Bang.  Before Tencent’s investment, CJ E&M had 51.4% (100,000 shares) and Bang had 48.2% (96,393 shares) of CJ Games’s shares. However, CJ E&M has sold 3,564 of its shares and added 83 shares to Bang to bring Bang just above the line for the largest shareholder position.

The reason behind their decision for the transfer of shares is to resolve their sub-sub-subsidiary’s ‘shares holdings’ issue.  According to the Fair Trade Act, a sub-subsidiary can establish its another subsidiary only when it holds 100% of its subsidieary’s(sub-sub-subsidiary) shares. As CJ Games is already a sub-subsidiary of CJ(CJ E&M is the subsidiary of CJ), it must hold 100% of the shares of CJ Games Lab, AniPark, etc.

However, with Bang becoming its largest shareholder, it was able to rid itself of the limitations put on by the FTA.


  • Is CJ Netmarble Worth $1.9 Billion?


Tencent has invested a total of $500M to CJ Games. With this investment, Tencent received 75,289 of CJ Games’s shares, equaling up to 28% of the total shares. Calculating this in reverse results in the conclusion that Tencent regards the value of entire CJ Games to be around $1.9B.

While it is difficult to do a simple comparison due to the fact that up-pricing of the shares is so common in the case of foreign investments, the $2B value exceeds that of both NHN Entertainment (around $1.4B) and CJ E&M (around $1.1B). This signifies Tencent’s high evaluation of CJ Games.


  • CJ E&M Lowers Its Risks with Gaming and Profits


With the transfer of shares, CJ E&M takes another step away from the gaming industry. Since it, however, still holds 35.86% of the shares of CJ Games, it is still within the boundary of taking profits from the industry while lowring any risk.

Back in 2004, CJ E&M purchased 18% of Netmarble’s shares from Bang at $75M.  Considering the current 35.86% of CJ Game shares that CJ E&M possesses along with Tencent’s recent investment, it results around $650M.

Plus it also has received $330M from CJ Games in the process of separating Netmarble and the other related 3 companies, resulting $1B in total. In conclusion, CJ E&M has profited 10 folds in just 10 years.


  • So What Now for CJ Netmarble?


JoonHyuk Bang was the leading force behind the current Netmarble’s mobile business.  CJ E&M’s decision to make the change from online gaming to mobile gaming was also his decision. With Bang as the largest shareholder and without the regulation by the FTA, a more progressive action in the mobile gaming business is expected in the future.

Even with the $330M expense spent in merging of the companies, there are still $170M left.  CJ Netmarble has more than enough funding to begin their new era of investments. For Tencent, it can enjoy the privilege of being able to take Netmarble’s games to the Chinese market in priority.

As Bang has commented in the press conference, this recent investment and business changes ultimately allows CJ Netmarble to make its progress into the global market.

Rift Opens the Korean Official Site

MMORPG Rift from Trion World opens the official site for Korean publishing.

CJ E&M, Rift’s Korean Publisher, will publish the game through their gaming portal Netmarble. The game will be localized for Korean specifically to attract more Korean gamers. As the first step, they will reveal the video clip that explains Rift’s lore with full Korean subtitles.

The players could visit the official facebook page to get more informations about the game as well.

The event to celebrate the opening of the Korean official web site will be ongoing till 19th. The event prizes consist of cyber cash that could be used in Netmarble as well as coffee coupon from Starbucks.

The site and the facebook will be available from 3:00PM (EST 2:00AM, PST 11:00PM) 6th of October.

The official Korean RIFT site: rift.netmarble.net

The official Facebook: www.facebook.com/riftkorea


Special Force2 ranked 2nd in FPS genre

The sequel of Special Force, Service name in U.S is Soldier Front, ranked 2nd place on FPS game ranking in Korea. Special Force2 is developed by Dragonfly and published by CJ E&M. The #1 FPS game in Korea is Sudden Attack. It has not changed for a few years.

Special Force2 started the commercial service on 11th of August. The start is pretty good so far. Because the game was built upon Unreal3 engine, differences between 1 and 2 are huge including better graphics and better game system. Of course, it requires better hardware to run the game smoothly. For example, Duel Core CPU and Geforce 8600GT above graphic cards are required to play Special force2.

Usually, new games are ranked in high when they start OBT and the commercial service. Therefore we need to keep paying attention on Special Force2 for a while to confirm 2nd. However, So far Special Force 2 seems just fine.


[Korea] Battlezone and Oz Chronicle Get Renewal

Battlezone Plus, a 2D shooting game, kicks off OBT on April 27 in Korea. Battlezone Plus claims it adjusted balancing issue between characters and increased moving speed.

Ani Park‘s Oz Chronicle got a renewal as After 537: Oz. The game is portraying 537 years after Oz Chronicle, hence the title. The game enters the 1st CBT on April 28 and continues till May 2. Once they are done with the test, there is going to update on Oz Chronicle server big time. NetMarble is publishing the game in Korea.