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[WoW] Back on China

wowNetEase, WoW’s new publisher in China, announced World of Warcraft‘s Chinese service was resumed. NetEase is still waiting for the second expansion pack of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King to pass the Chinese censorship.

There are some people who have followed up on the story but for those who haven’t, this is what happened; Servers were shut down as NetEase took over WoW after The9 last June. Then both parties had some ‘minor’ problems with each other, which delayed the relaunch. NetEase threw a free test from July 30 to September 14 to keep users from abandoning the game for good. That cost the company more than 1,000,000 Yuan (approx. US$ 136,000) per DAY. So you do the math how much NetEase lost from the free test for 46 days.

With its blockbuster game back on, the company expects to increase revenue from WoW up to 30% out of its entire lineup and take 4% market share in the Chinese gaming market.

If you want to read the original article on TIG which is written in Korean,?click here.

[NetEase] TianXia II goes into OBT

neteaseNetEase announced that it will officially launch TianXia II (TX2, 天下?: Chi) into open beta on 20 September, 2009.

NetEase recently announced that their total unaudited revenues for the second quarter of 2009 were US$127.7 million, of which US$114.4 million were from online games.

[The9] WoF China or DF China?

I posted a news that after losing the WoW operation license its rival NetEase, The9 planned to launch a brand new game called World of Fight《名?三?WOF: Chi》. It turns out that despite its name the game may look a little bit like Dungeon Figher.

Except its setting which is based on China Three Kingdoms, someone may say that in-game characters, actions, skills remind them of Dungeon Fighter A LOT.

Here are some screenshots so see for yourself;


[NetEase] 1Q09 profits went up

Thanks to strong performance of games like?Fantasy Westward Journey?(夢幻西遊), NetEase reported that the revenue has gone up by 20% year-on-year. See?Gamasutra for more information.

[The9] Wanna play World of ‘Fight’?

The9, an official WoW Chinese licensee until this June, is planning to launch a brand new game after losing its WoW operation license to its rival NetEase according to a Chinese game website, 17173.c0m.

Guess what? It’s World of Fight available @ www.wofchina.com. Just one letter different from WoW site @ www.wowchina.com. What a coincidence! Besides its name, a logo and graphic may look familiar to many WoW fans. (Double coincidence!)

It’s not the first time in China to see this kind of happening. In 2002, Shanda launched a very ‘similar’ game called ‘The World of Legend’ (傳奇世界 in Chinese) after failing to renew its Mir licensing deal with WeMade.