5 Ragnarok related mobile games are coming

NEO CYON, an affiliated company of Gravity, made a deal with Colopl, Inc. , a Japanese mobile game developer for technical cooperation on the 8th of May.

NEO CYON is not well known, but the company has developed various mobile contents since 2000. They published Ragnarok Violet, a mobile version of Ragnarok Online from 2006. Colopl, Inc. is the first company that serviced geo-tagged mobile game in 2003 in Japan. They launched the new gaming platform called ‘Colopl’ and have 2.7 million registered users.

NEO CYON will launch more than 20 mobile games in Korea. Some of them will use its parental company’s strong IP such as ‘Ragnarok’, Dragon Saga’ – ‘Ragnarok Online: Insurrection of Valkyrie’, ‘Ragnarok Online: Guild Masters’ (Title names are unofficial).

NEO CYON will focus on Korean domestic market during the 2nd half of the year and will go further into Japan, China, Taiwan, and Europe from the 4th quarter.

More information about the games: The Link