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Best booths and games of GStar2011


We had the  survey at GStar 2011 with the total of 496 gamers.

Best Booth

The most visited booth was Blizzard. 67% replied that they come to GStar2011 for visiting Blizzard booth. Nexon is 2nd by 66%, very close to 1st. (NCsoft 56%, Neowiz 53%, NHN 45%)

Apparently big 3 titles, SC2:HotS/Diablo3/WOW, plus Blizzard DOTA were as hot as they could get in Korea during GStar2011.

Cyphers, AOS game from Nexon, was the booth that 33% spectators visit first because of the game coupon. Blizzard was 21% and NCsoft was 8%.

The most favorite booth to visit was Blizzard booth by 27.4%. On the other hand, the worst booth to visit was also Blizzard booth because people needed to wait for a long hours to experience games. Nexon was 2nd by 15% and also for the worst by 38% because people struggle to receive a game coupon.

Best Game

The most favorite game of GStar2011 is Diablo3 by 48% and SC2:HotS by 36%. Lineage Eternal was 3rd by 32%. Other competitors were Cyphers and Guild War2. The game people play the most during GStar2011 was online FPS Dizzel from Neowiz Games by 20%. Neowiz prepared well to have many computers with Dizzel. SC2:HotS was 2nd by 19%.

The game people like the most after they are playing were Dibalo3. Especially, 79.1% ,34 out of 43, like the game after they were playing. Kingdom Under Fire 2 and SC2:HotS were the games people like as well.

Other Games

Among social, mobile, web games, people like Homerun Battle 2 for iOS from Com2uS, Rhythm Scandal from Wemade Entertainment.


There were many Giveaways in each booth mostly from in-game items, mug, mouse etc. The most preferable was an in-game item coupon for Cyphers. The giveaways that people don’t like was Guild War 2 paper bag from NCsoft.