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[The9] MUX. Sounds familiar?

It’s not my fault that every posting regarding The9 has something to do with losing license and coming up with look-alike games. This again is too amusing to pass.

The9 sent out an invite to press saying they are going to unveil a new MMORPG game, MUX, during ChinaJoy. Obviously the company has been developing the game for two years. The issue here is that the company not-so-subtly implied MUX is the official successor of Mu Online, which by the way?they are currently publishing in China.

That left Webzen, a developer of Mu Online, very puzzled. The9 didn’t give its partner any heads-up about this AND Webzen has been working on Mu2 since first half year of 2009.

I will keep you on how this story evolves. In the meantime, take a look at its teaser site.