HyunA in Mystic Fighter

Netmarble’s <Mystic Fighter> released a making-film with a hot star HyunA from 4Minute in warrior, vampire, and high school student outfits.

Before check her out, you probably want to know what game she’s in and here’s the side-scrolling MORPG’s latest trailer.

It has kicked off its OBT since this April, featuring dynamic interaction with objects in maps.

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Project Blacksheep for multi-platform is possible

MORPG Project Blacksheep could be available for the next generation consoles like Xbox One and Playsation 4.

During the interview with Thisisgame.com, Yong Hwan Oh, President of Neowiz CRS, said “We are considering the next generation consoles as another platform positively. We think it is much easier now to port pc games to console, even though we have not experienced new consoles yet.” Project Blacksheep is developed by using Havoc Vision game engine, which supports multi-platforms.

Project Blacksheep is focused on promising gamers to have different experiences every time they playing. For example, when a user fights against the same boss, he could feel easy to defeat it today but not tomorrow. It is possible because Neowiz CRS provides various ways to defeat the boss instead of providing only one rule and pattern.

The teaser site will be available soon.