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Welcome to Kiyat Games, Part 6

Here’s the sixth installation in the hilarious webcomic series from our partners at Kiyat Games! If you missed the fifth one, you can check it out here: http://en.thisisgame.com/2013/12/23/welcome-to-kiyat-games-part-5-2

Art by Sukyan (sukyan.tumblr.com) from Kiyat Games(https://www.facebook.com/KiyatGames).


Welcome to Kiyat Games, Part 5

Here’s the sixth installation in the hilarious webcomic series from our partners at Kiyat Games! If you missed the forth one, you can check it out here: http://en.thisisgame.com/2013/11/18/welcome-to-kiyat-games-part-4

Art by Sukyan (sukyan.tumblr.com) from Kiyat Games(https://www.facebook.com/KiyatGames).


Gamevil’s CEO Song Byung-Jun, switches to Com2Us CEO seat

Translated by Jeff Lee from Kiyat Games (https://www.facebook.com/KiyatGames)

Com2Us Co. CEO Park Ji-Young is leaving, and Gamevil Inc. CEO Song Byung-Jun is taking the seat as Com2Us’ new CEO.  With this, the past October’s $70 million deal that transferred 21% of Com2Us’ stocks is at last in its final stages.

Com2Us announced on the 4th that the upcoming stockholder’s meeting on the 19th will mainly be handling the establishment of Gamevil’s CEO Song Byung-Jun, VP Lee Yong-Guk, and VP Song Jae-Jun as Com2Us internal directors.  As long as there are no complications, Com2Us foresees Song Byun-Jun to take the seat as its new CEO and the current CEO Park Ji-Young to step down from the position.

A personnel from Com2Us commented that “Park Ji-Young will take leave for now and will use this time to ‘recharge.’” On Gamevil’s side, a personnel from the company has said that “when all matters are finalized at the stockholder’s meeting, Song Byun-Jun is expected to act as the CEO of both companies.”

This is one of the biggest changes to come to Com2Us since 1998, when Park Ji-Young and Lee Young-Il founded the company.  Many eyes are focused on the mobile game industry, interested in how it will be affected by this event called the “reform of the central gaming corporations.”


Korean Mobile Game Market Growing Fast

Domestic mobile game market is occupying almost 10% of the entire game market in Korea.

According to the Korean White Paper 2013 from Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), the total revenue of domestic mobile game market has reached $754 million. This is equal to 8.2% of the total game market in Korea. If we omit the revenue from PC-Bang and Arcade Game markets, it is occupying about 10.1%.

The amount of export of mobile games in 2012 is about $168 million, which is an increase of 400% compared to that of 2011. This is equal to 6.4% of the total amount of export of game.

Korean mobile game market has flourished continuously since iPhone 3GS was released in 2009. On the other hand, the growing rate of the domestic online game market has been decreased from 20~30% to 8% in 2012.


KAKAO goes easy on popular games

KAKAO announced on 30th that companies that archive certain levels of condition could release games through KAKAO Game Platform without taking evaluation system from August. You need to submit games to KAKAO for evaluating to release games on KAKAO. It usually takes 2 weeks.

Companies need to fulfill conditions of two. Firstly, you need to have games that were ranked within top 20 on the revenue or on the most favorite for more than 7 days either on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In addition, if one of your games has archived 100 million Korean WON(Equivalent to US$89,047) in revenue through KAKAO Gam platform, you could release one of your next games without taking the evaluation within a year.

The reason that KAKAO is announcing those policies is mobile game companies have kept asking KAKAO to lower the barrier of the evaluation system. KAKAO said 60% of companies achieved 100 million Korean Won in revenue.

With allowing cross-promotion among companies, companies could expose their games on games from different companies as well.