Civilization Online Revealed First Four Cilivizations

XL Games’ MMORPG <Civilization Online> released its four main protagonists on the 20th of March.

The four are comprised of Qin Shi Huang, Iulius Caesar, Hatshepsut, and Montezuma, respectively representing the four major civilizations in order of China, Rome, Egypt, and Azteca. In-game sceneries are revealed along.

<Civilization Online> is a sandbox open world MMORPG being developed by CryEngine 3, scheduling its first closed beta test within the first half of this year.



(Video) Blade & Soul to Go Monthly Subscription with Item Sales in Japan


The launch date for the Japanese service for <Blade & Soul> has been set to be May 20th.  The payment plan is to be on a monthly subscription along with additional item sales system.

NCSoft Corporation’s Japanese branch NC Japan held the “Blade & Soul Premier Show” on the 8th, inviting various reporters and around 350 users.  <Blade & Soul>’s plans for the Japanese service and the business model were introduced at this event.

NC Japan plans to begin with the initial character creation service in mid-April, and to follow up with a ‘limited trial’ service from May 13th to 15th.  Then from May 16th to 19th it is holding an ‘open trial’ service open to everyone, paving the way to the official launch on May 20th.

The payment system is to be based on a monthly subscription fee with the addition of item sales, and the specific prices have yet to be released.  Additional items are to be categorized into consumables, convenience items, and vanity items.

20140309234200_3254 (1)

Blade & Soul Premier Show

Two different packages will go on sale starting from May 9th, the Premium and the Standard.  While both packages will include 1 complimentary month, the limited edition package will allow the player to participate in the ‘limited trial’ service from May 13th to 15th.

A PC renting service is also in plan for those players without the appropriate computers to run the game optimally.  NC Japan begins its ‘NC Gamers Service’ starting in April, a PC renting service for the players.  The service requires the renter to pay for the rental computer for a span of 2 years (3,100 yen per month).  And when the renter fully pays over the span of 2 years, the computer is theirs to own.

Various marketing is also in preparation for the launch.  First, the <Blade & Soul> animation airs starting April 3rd on the Japanese channel TBS.  The animation is then to be aired across the country over 7 different channels.  The original sound track (OST) is to be released at the end of April, and a <Blade & Soul> novel is to be released in the ‘Monthly Shonen Magazine.’

NCSoft’s Bae Jae-Hyun CPO (Executive Producer) has commented at the Premier Show: “With today’s announcement <Blade & Soul> is officially starting its launching phase in Japan.  We are nervous yet excited to introduce <Blade & Soul> to our Japanese fans.”



JaeHyun Bae, CPO of NCsoft & director of Blade & Soul


Blade & Soul Animation poster

MMORPG Tree of Savior Kicks Off FGT in Feb

IMC Games’ brand new MMORPG <Tree of Savior> is now ready to start a focused group test in Feburary. It had recruited testers from its Facebook Page since last 14th of Feb.

<Tree of Savior>, a.k.a. <Project R1> in the past, is the latest project of Hakkyu Kim who had developed the worldwide hit MMORPG <Ragnarok Online>. It features 80 character classes, 10 class tiers and so on.

While the test would focus on in-game content and concepts, the developer has not clarified how far and how much it would go with the test.

“I was surprised that not a few foreigners applied for the test. Thanks for all your interest in our game. The FGT will take place in Feb,” said Hakkyu Kim, the CEO of IMC Games. In response to the international interest they are setting up another test for foreign players.


2014 will be the year of new games from NCsoft

NCsoft plan to release big titles from their internal development teams in 2014 as well as make ‘Blade & Soul’ available in more countries.

According to NCsoft’’s financial report during 2013, there are 2 PC based online games in 2014 – Lineage Eternal and Wildstar. Wildstar is almost done and will be released during the middle of 2014. Lineage Eternal, which was introduced for the first time in G-Star 2011, does not have a concrete schedule yet, but NCsoft plan to announce its test schedule during the 3rd quarter of 2014 and will be presented in G-Star this year again.

In addition, NCsoft will release various mobile games by using IPs like Blade&Soul and Lineage. NCsoft said “Many games that have been in development for years will be launched this year. Blade&Soul will be launched in Japan, Taiwan, Russia followed by China.”


WeMade to compete with Icarus and Wind Runner 2

After ending the year 2013 with somewhat of disappointing numbers, WeMade Entertainment Co. officially begins its rush for the new upcoming titles in March.

WeMade has announced in midst of their year-end press release that they “plan to release a number of games towards the end of 2014 H1, including the online game <Icarus>, and mobile games <Ark Sphere>, <Chun-Rang>, and <Wind Runner 2>,” up to a total of 30 games within the year 2014.

WeMade’s 4th quarter sales were recorded as 44.2 million dollars, a number that is 14% less than that of the year’s 3rd quarter.  The mobile gaming branch of the company was the one that faced the full brunt of the decrease in numbers.  With the decreased performance of <Wind Runner> and <AtlanStory>, mobile gaming branch of the company netted sales of 25.5 million dollars, which is 18% less than from Q3 (31.1 million).  With mobile sales of 41.3 million dollars recorded from Q2, the sales have been on a continuous decline.

With the absence of new titles, online gaming sales have also been on a decline.  WeMade has recorded online gaming sales of 18.6 million dollars in 2013 Q4 after the peak sales of 24.1 million dollars recorded in 2013 Q3.

However, despite the declines in sales, the company’s year-long sales were actually in their highest since the company’s founding with 213 million dollars.  Business profits were also turned from the 18.5 million dollar deficit in 2012 to a surplus of 116.1 million dollars in 2013.


Icarus and Wind Runner 2 to come in March if early

WeMade plans to make their stand in March with their upcoming new titles.  In online gaming, <Icarus> begins its OBT after March, and <Ark Sphere> and <Wind Runner 2> makes their appearance among the mobile games within the first two quarters of the year.

Furthermore, <Iron Slam> and <Chun-Rang> are also planned to be released within the year.  Keeping up with the changes in the market towards mobile gaming, releasing more casual and core games is their plan for this year.

Jang Hyun-Gook, the VP of WeMade, has revealed that they “plan to release up to 10 games per quarter up to a total of 30 throughout the year, and we’re expecting good results from our sequels.”

Overseas business is in their agenda as well.  <Changchun 2> begins its CBT through Giant Interactive Group Inc. and <Lost Saga> also plans its European service with Nexon Europe S.à r.

Among the mobile games, <Iron Slam> launches in Japan through LINE, and <Wolf that Swallowed the Moon> launches in China.  <AtlanStory> will be launched in the North American regions through WeMade’s own North American branch.  The games that have overseas plans total up to 20 games.

On the other hand, a personnel from the industry commented and criticized WeMade’s plans on game releases.  Jang commented on this saying that they “realize that WeMade’s plans from last year were not very solid.  However, we have learned a lot from our own mistakes from last year, and we believe that things will be different with our altered and improved agenda.”