MMORPG Tree of Savior Aims for Summer CBT


A highly anticipated MMORPG <Tree of Savior> has released its recent update of schedules.

IMC Games has released on the 30th via its developer blog (http://blog.treeofsavior.co.kr/) its recent update for <Tree of Savior>’s launch schedule.  Additionally, they have also answered a few of the most asked questions, including specific game contents, systems, and future test schedules.


First, <Tree of Savior> is being developed as a traditional MMORPG.  Most of the field and dungeons will be played out like a typical MMO games, and to emphasize action most controls will be done via the keyboard.  Gamepad support is also being developed and tested.

There will be a total of 4 basic classes: Warrior, Magician, Archer, and Priest.  These 4 classes will be able to advance into various upper rank classes specific to their basic class.  However, it will also be possible to opt out of advancement in order to retrain the basic class.


For example, magicians will be able to advance into either the Pyromancer or the Cryomancer, while having the third option to retrain into Magician 2nd Circle.  In this case, magicians will be able to attain higher skill levels than they were able to in the first circle or learn new high rank magician skills.

Ultimately when the Magician attains enough levels as the 2nd Circle to be eligible for another class advancement, they will have the 3rd Circle Magician, Pyromancer, and Cyromancer to choose from, on top of the 3rd rank classes Linker and Psycochino.


While their previous game <Ragnorok Online> had the gender of the character determined by the player’s social security number, <Tree of Savior> will give players the freedom to choose.  Characters will receive class specific costumes upon advancing into another class, allowing players to customize the appearances of their characters.

IMC Games has adjusted their testing schedules after the previous FGT in February, and now aims for the first CBT to be within this summer.  As for the system requirements, they plan to have it set to the level that the current Ultrabook Notebooks in sale can run at optimal speed.20140430212057_716720140430212058_827320140430212053_4136


Classic MMORPG for Mobile Arcane Hearts Mobile Revealed


Playworks reveals their first ever mobile MMORPG <Arcane Hearts Mobile> on 8th of May.

<Arcane Hearts Mobile> is based on Playworks’ web based MMORPG <Arcane Wars>, featuring all the essential MMORPG systems with real-time raids in an open-field, instant dungeon raids for parties, siege battles for guilds, 1,200+ quests and so on. Besides, it also supports automatic move and battle not only for those who are familiar with the classic MMORPG but also for new players.

“<Arcane Hearts Mobile> is a game we put all our effort in a limited time,” said KwangYul Kim the CEO of Playworks. “The game would bring a refreshing breeze into the mobile gaming market.”

Playworks is a developer comprised of those who made world’s first flying MMORPG <Flyff>.

ArcheAge Ready to Hit the World


XL Games’ MMORPG <ArcheAge> is in preparation to hit the global market.

It begun its closed alpha test(CAT) in NA last April 8. The developer has not only kicked off the CAT in NA but also added more content in Japanese and Russian servers as well as prepared localization of the game in China.

In Russia and CIS, 1.8M users and 200,000 DAU are enjoying the game although it has been only two months from its service. Meanwhile in Japan, it is trying to leap once again through new updates and transition from monthly subscription to free-to-play since last 24th. Its two-month-long 2nd CAT in China is also scheduled in May.

“We have started servicing Russian server following Japanese server, and we are about to start NA and Chinese server this year. <ArcheAge> would be the global MMORPG with players around 60 countries by the begining of next year,” said EunJa Sung the BD director of XL Games.

(Video) Sneak Peek of Maple Story 2 Characters and Monsters

Nexon released a teaser revealing new character and monster artworks of <Maple Story 2> on April 15. <Maple Story 2> was announced last November for the first time, featuring full-3D quarter-view MMORPG set in the age prior to <Maple Story> world.

You can check more of <Maple Story 2> stuff at its teaser site(http://maplestory2.nexon.com/). Nexon is planning to test the sequal within this year.



(Video) MMORPG Icarus’ First Moment of OBT

WeMade Entertainment’s latest MMORPG <Icarus> kicked off its OBT today. We took a video of its very first tutorial part for you, showing additional action, stories, and scenes.

<Icarus>’s OBT began with five classes including Berserker, Guardian, Assassin, Wizard, and Priest, featuring max level 25, a new map Hakanas Ocean, and a new raid.

It also introduced a vitality system that allows players play the game up to 12 hours a day and 35 hours a week only, resetting the vitality at every 4 A.M. Without the vitality, the players are restricted in completing quests, making experience point, looting items, and so on.

WeMade is going to add a new area where free PK is allowed and introduce Archer as a new class after the OBT.

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