Tree of Savior Revealed Off-hand Items and Comapanion Systems

Highly-anticipated MMORPG <Tree of Savior> revealed in-game play trailer for the first time on its official blog last week. The released trailers show battle systems and in-game pet system ‘companioin.’

Players can hold a sub-weapon such as shield, dagger, or other magic items not for battle on left hand. Depending on what off-hand item you hold, battle style totally changes regardless of classes.

With a shield, you can be a traditional tanker by blocking a enemy’s attack while you can kill monsters faster with a dagger. A magic fan can create storms that thrust enemies away from you, and an umbrella or a bubble making toy may do nothing, really nothing.

‘Companion’ is simply a pet system of other MMORPG. Players can raise companion by feeding and stroking them with love. Some companions may fight along with you or let you mount themselves if they think you are a trustworthy friend. So, they are not just a pet, mount, or something that damages monster along with you. They are literally companion of yours. They may equip items as well later.


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Civilization Online 1st CBT Review

<Civilization Online> just finished its first CBT which took place for a week. The test revealed overall session-based play for the first time. Each session for this test took 48 hours.

You can quickly peep how characters and their classes change as their civilization moves on.

<Sid Miere’s Civilization> series are a turn-based strategic simulation game in which players develop their civilization, expand their territory, and build structures for better cities as a leader. Likewise, players in <Civilization Online> can do the same but as a civilian. This is the biggest difference between the original series and the MMORPG. You are no longer a leader of the civilization.


Construct your own cities!


At the beginning of a session, players start as either infantry or archer and become lancers, riflemen, or gunners as their advanced civilization bring them new technologies. At the same time, you can construct your own city if you are a guild leader. Since anyone can be a guild leader with a handful of money, anyone literally can construct a city at anywhere.


You can even have your own city in the Antarctic if you can manage shipping required materials. Of course it would be much better and easier to develop your city if rich resources such as gold and iron ores are near the city.


Develop civilization altogether!

In <Civilization Online>, advanced tech research and development of era are proportional to the development of cities. To get to higher city level, more guild leaders with other players need to construct more cities and buildings around.


Warfare is another big part of the MMORPG. An ultimate goal of this game is to occupy as many cities as your civilization can. Therefore so many battles take place every two hours – one hour for battle and another hour for break time. Well-teamed-up 5 players can conquer a city of level 1. So you may defense your major cities from enemies, or plunder and take their empty cities. It’s your choice.


50,000 gold is rewarded if you take over other civilizations’ city. 50,000 gold is enough money to build two biggest buildings. With this big money you can either buy things for next battle or construct your own city.


Prevail against other civilization

You and your civilization may win if your civilization achieves more than 60% of occupation point during the session. ‘Occupation Victory’ is the only winning condition revealed so far.


Then how to get higher occupation point? Players need to have multiple high-level cities and plunder or destroy enemies’ high-level cities. This makes players spontaneously participate large scale PvPs among high-level cities.


Once each session ends, everything except rewarded cards gets reset. The rewarded cards permanently allow players’ character better ability or active skills that can be used regardless of classes. The more sessions you’ve done, the stronger you are.

[NDC14] Return of the Old Kingdom of the Winds


World’s first MMORPG <The Kingdom of the Winds>’s very first version is now available since last 27th of May.

Nexon has restored the original version and let gamers play it to feel nostalgia for the old days. The restoration was begun since 2013 July and JungJoo Kim of NXC CEO, Jake Song of XL Games CEO, SangWon Jung of Nexon vice-president and other founding members participated the project. They talked about how it went and obstacles they faced during the project at Nexon Developers Conference 2014(NDC14).

Since <The Kingdom of the Winds> is the oldest MMORPG in commercial service in the world and has gone through 1,000+ updates for last 18 years, they did not make finding the very initial data of the game. They did not even have any data including a source code they need in order to restore the original. Frankly, no one even remember what it exactly was.

They tried finding source codes first and fortunately were able to find old CDs which recorded graphic data of game version 1997, server data of 1998, and client file of 1999. These were the very first data of the then game in commercial service. They were able to successfully restore the old game of version 1996 after searching old database from a gaming magazine published in 1996.

The project was initially started to exhibit the old game at Nexon Computer Museum, but they decided to make it online because it is an online game which is a game of multiple players.

A last hurdle they faced after the successful restoration was Shutdown Law. In 1996, there was no such law and no players’ age in the old DB. Therefore Nexon decided to shutdown the whole server from midnight to 8 a.m. in order to prevent any dispute that might be arisen.

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Maple Story 2 In-gmae Footage Revealed


<Maple Story 2> is finally revealed.

Nexon released <Maple Story 2>’s first ever in-game gameplay footage today. You can see cube based maps of forest, hill, desert, and floating islands with various actions such as climbing, flying with balloons, and swimming. Unlike <Maple Story> which is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, it is a full 3D quarter-view MMORPG which you can move every direction.

“The footage only shows a part of core content of <Maple Story 2>. More content will be released via a teaser site,” said JinMan Kim of director of <Maple Story 2> at Nexon.

The site(http://maplestory2.nexon.com) opened last November has released latest content like illustrations and trailers.

Nexon is also recruiting the supporters since last 20th of May in order to have a user showcase to share current development and a blueprint for the game in June.

Civilization Online’s CBT is Coming Soon

XL Games’ highly anticipated MMORPG <Civilization Online> is kicking off its first CBT on 27th. As you noticed from its title, the game is based on Sid Meier’s Civilization series. Grammy awarded song <Baba Yetu>’s compsoer Christopher Tin also participated in the game by composing another Civilization game main theme song called Song of the Moutain.

XL Games released a promotional trailer and announced the first CBT schedule today. The test will take place  for a week from May 27 to June 1, recruiting 10,000 testers with Windows 7 64bit OS only. Testers can choose one out of four civilizations and live as a farmer, miner, engineer, etc.

The developer is trying to make maximum 3,000 players interact simultaneously in a session. As you meet certain goals for each session, the session concludes with rewards and next session gets started.

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