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[The9] Wanna play World of ‘Fight’?

The9, an official WoW Chinese licensee until this June, is planning to launch a brand new game after losing its WoW operation license to its rival NetEase according to a Chinese game website, 17173.c0m.

Guess what? It’s World of Fight available @ www.wofchina.com. Just one letter different from WoW site @ www.wowchina.com. What a coincidence! Besides its name, a logo and graphic may look familiar to many WoW fans. (Double coincidence!)

It’s not the first time in China to see this kind of happening. In 2002, Shanda launched a very ‘similar’ game called ‘The World of Legend’ (傳奇世界 in Chinese) after failing to renew its Mir licensing deal with WeMade.