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[Mgame] Yulgang launched CS in Singapore and Malaysia

Yulgang Online (열혈강호 온라인: Kor), a MMORPG game created by KRG Soft and serviced by Mgame in Korea, now began its commercial service in Singapore and Malaysia via Asiasoft.

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[Southeast Asia] Who’s operating what?

The Philippines

– Operation 7 (OP7, FPS)

  • Local Developer: Park E.S.M
  • Publisher: IP e-Games
  • Status: OBT
  • Global Licensor: Mgame

– Twelve Sky2 (십이지천 2: Kor, MMORPG)

  • Developer: Alt1 (formerly known as GigaSoft)
  • Local Publisher: Gamesoft
  • Status: CS (30,000 players participated in OBT)

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia

– Emil Chronicle Online (ECO, MMORPG)


– Atlantica (MMORPG)

[MGame] Brand new five RPG games

MGame, Korean game portal, unveiled its five upcoming RPG games;

  • Yulgang 2 (열혈강호: kor)
  • Valiant (발리언트: Kor)
  • War of Dragons aka WOD (워 오브 드래곤스: Kor)
  • War Bane (워베인: Kor)
  • ARGO (아르고: Kor)

These games are using Mgame’s proprietary game engine and are expected to have a CBT by at the end of the year in Korea.