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Joymax Merged Its Subsidiary Link Tomorrow

On April 18, WeMade Entertainment’s subsidiary Joymax announced that it merged its subsidiary Link Tomorrow in order to strengthen its competitiveness in mobile game business.

Link Tomorrow is a mobile game developer who successfully launched <Candy Pang> and <Wind Runner> which were super hits in Korea, being incorporated into WeMade’s sub-subsidiary last 2012.

The mergence is expected to strengthen and create a synergy effect in business competitiveness by letting Joymax have top-level development and IP in mobile games as well as stable revenue from them while Link Tomorrow now can play a leading role in publishing.

Link Tomorrow’s CEO KilHyung Lee sits as the vice-president of Joymax, taking full-right and resposbility of game development. “I believe  our success would be drive for Joymax to grow internally and externally. Especailly, we will do our best developing our next game <Wind Runner 2>’s launch,” he said.

“This mergence would be written as the most successful mergence in history by internalizing successful experience and expertise from both sides,” said ChangKeun Kim the CEO of Joymax.

The mergence will be concluded with additional listing in July after the extraordinary meeting of shareholders in May.