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CCU for Diablo3 in Korea is over 430000

Blizzard Korea announced CCU(Concurrent User number) for Diablo3 in Korea is over 430,000. After launch of Diablo3 Asian server, 640,000 was recorded for the maximum CCU and 430,000 was Korean. This record is well above the expectation and it caused several problems with servers. Blizzard Korea announce that they have increased server capacity that can handle 640,000 CCU

The CCU record of Diablo3 in Korea is the new record for an ‘age over 18’ game. Maple Story from Nexon has the best CCU domestic record 626,852.

Maple Story Hacked!

Maple Story was hacked and lost 13.22 million users’ personal information on 24th of November. Nexon, the publisher of the game, announced it to the public on 25th and report it to police.

The personal information includes name, ID, password and social security numbers. Fortunately, password and social security numbers are encrypted. If the hackers decode encrypted information, the situation could become more serious.

The board members of Nexon include CEO Min Seo and CSO Yong Suk Shin apologize to the public with a bow in recognition as well as announcing the plan for measures.

Nexon will 1) encourage people to change their password 2) build a protecting system for dormant accounts 3) integrate all memberships into one account until June, 2012 4) build Global Security Center.

It is the second biggest hacking event in Korea. The biggest was SKComs hacking event in July, which lost about 35 million users personal information. That is 70% of the whole population in Korea.

[Nexon] OBT for MapleStory-based online card game


Nexon America has opened the beta for its MapleStory-based online card game iTCG Online. The beta will run through August 25 and the browser-based game requires no download.

[MapleStory] Happy 6th anniversary!

Nexon’s mega-hit online mmorpge game, Maple Story, became 6-year-old and is still going strong- everywhere. Gamasutra just posted “Nexon’s MapleStory Reaches 92 Million Global Users” and a quick naver search led me to this awesome posting(sorry folks. It’s in Korean.) that summarizes the worldwide Maple Story operation in a snapshot. And this blogger knows what he’s talking about because he is the editor-in-chief in Kyung Hyang Games (again, it’s in Korean).

Just to a few takeaways;

– China

– Taiwan

  • Publisher: Gamania Digital Entertainment
  • Homepage:?www.maplestory.com.tw
  • Current Status: Started in July 2005. 3.5M RUs and 180K CCUs

– Thailand

– Japan

  • Publisher: Nexon Japan
  • Homepage:?www.maplestory.jp
  • Current Status: Started in November 2003. 900K RUs and 2.7K CCUs

– Singapore

  • Publisher: AsiaSoft
  • Homepage:?www.maplesea.com
  • Current Status: Started in June 2005. 550K RUs and 30K CCUs

– USA (Global)

  • Publisher: NXGames
  • Homepage:?www.mapleglobal.com
  • Current Status: Started in October 2005. 1.5M RUs and 50K CCUs

And if you may feel some numbers are off, you are right. After writing so far, I realized it’s posted 3 years ago! But I figured I’d keep it since it may be still helpful to someone out there. I warned you so don’t blame me later.

Looks like they’ve launched in Hong Kong, Europe, Vietname, and Brazil.