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Who’s Best Game Babes?

Unlike other foreign games, Korean games often cast famous FEMALE entertainers as their promotional models. What’s important here is they are so beautiful that even non-gamers get tempted to play the games. I researched who became Game Babes(we rather call them Goddess in Korea) this year so far for you. (yes, really, for you.)

NHN’s MMORPG <EoS> chose MinKyung Kang, a member of female duo named Davichi, as <EoS> Girl. Terrific pick!




Girl’s Day and SoHee Song, a Korean classical singer, were on Nexon’s <Sudden Attack>. There were in-game Girl’s Day skin costume then.




<Dungeon & Fighter> released a very interesting promotional video starring IU and BongSun Shin, a female entertainer, last January. What’s fun here is that they awkwardly resemble each other. How much? See the pictures below and you tell us!


<Mabinogi: Heroes> casted Lady’s Code as a promotional model for its last massive winter update. They wore in-game costumes and dressed up as Lyn which was a new character coming soon then.



Not only online games but also mobile games did use this marketing model. Hanbitsoft worked with HaeRyung, an youngest member of a female group BESTie, for its mobile game <FC Manager Mobile 2014>. HaeRyung was in charge of not only promotional model but also in-game manager instructing how to play the game.




Last but not least, SoHee Yoon(<Three Kingdoms Dragon Pop>), Nine Muses(<Three Kingdoms PK>), and AOA(<Tigyuk-Tagyuk>) are also our Game Babes this year. XD20140304110936_652220140303163434_815120140303163127_9187


[Nexon] Way too many server maintenance for Mabinogi Heroes

nexonMabinogi Heroes went through 29 maintenance service shutdown since its grand open on January 21st. The total time spent on maintenance added up to 29 hours.

Here is a breakdown: server access errors caused the disruption for 15 times and other causes include character errors, mini map, item-related errors.

Users are upset, of course. Especially when they purchase time limit items and terms of use dictates that the company takes responsible for refunds only more than 4 hours of service disruption occurs a day at their fault. In other words, they are not coughing it up for users.

[Korea] Weekly Update

It’s been a while since I posted this series last so enjoy~

1. Unreal Engine Seminar

First it’s nothing to do with game launch but Epic Games Korea is hosting Unreal Engine Seminar from 19th to 20th in Korea. Epic Games?established a Epic Games Korea last June and now went on its mission to educate partners in Korea.

2. Mabinogi Heroes’s Grand Open (Jan 21)

After this Grand Open, users who didn’t buy a premium package can log in from home.

3. Red Cliff (赤壁: Chi, 적벽: Kor) Pre OBT (1/19~20)

Perfect World’s RedCliff is entering Pre OBT without any CBT in Korea. KTH is an operating partner in Korea.

4. Wind-Up Enters Hot Stove League (1/19~31)

KHT’s upcoming realistic baseball game Wind-Up pitches realism in it. Fyi, this Hot Stove League is equivalent to OBT.

5. Cannon Kings Enters the 4th CBT (1/20~22)

Cannon Kings developed by Bluesom and operated by Joara

6. Come On Baby! All Stars Enters 1st CBT (1/21~31)

A famous arcade game turns into online thanks to its developer EX Potato.

[Korea] 5 Key Trends for 2009? ③ Non-targeting MMOs

This is the third installment of the five-part series: Non-targeting MMORPGs.

The number of non-targeting MMOs has surged in 2009. EyeDentity GamesDragon Nest, NHN‘s C9, Bluehole Studio‘s Tera and Nexon‘s Mabinogi Heroes all employed non-targeting system in their games. Non-targeting enables players to enjoy better actions yet limits the number of players due to a balancing problem. As a matter of fact, C9, Mabinogi Heroes and DrangonNest all emphasize the action aspect of the game.

<NHN Games’ C9>

Bluehole Studio’s Tera created this trend of emphasizing action yet still maintaining characteristics of MMORPG. Project H, a MMORPG developed by MAIET Entertainment (a studio behind Gunz), also falls into the category.

In MMORPGs, non-targeting system should be based on articulately structured target area and view. Game developers learned through trial and error in order to achieve high quality non-targeting system, which would be totally new to MMORPG.

From the user side, ?they welcomed such changes. C9 received rave reviews and was mentioned as one of strong contenders for the game award. DragonNest and Mabinogi Heroes seemed to meet users’ expectations throughout CBT.

<Bluehole Studio’s Tera>

[Nexon] Continue to Slimming Down

Nexon’s kept shaking off games in its Korean game portal nexon.com. Started from an action game called ‘Trash Buster’?(우당탕탕 대청소), Nexon had continuously decided to discontinue three more games including?Zera (제라), SlapShot (슬랩샷) and Kick Off (킥오프).

But it wouldn’t be the end of Nexon. The company is pouring out new games such as EverPlanet (에버플래닛), Dragon Nest (드래곤네스트) and its internal productions likes of Bubble Fighter (버블파이터), Mabinogi Heroes (마비노기 영웅전: Mabinogi sequel), Kavatina Story (카바티나 스토리), Husky Express (허스키 익스프레스). So don’t jump to conclusions yet. ?I will keep y’all posted.