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From Telekinesis to Astral Projection? 4 Classes of Tree of Savior Revealed

IMC Games has released a gameplay video of <Tree of Savior>, previewing some of the classes that will be available.  There are four classes in this preview: Linker, Psychokino, Necromancer, Sadhu.  Let’s take a look at the preview.

4 Classes Revealed: Telekinesis and Astral Projection Powers

The ‘TOS Q&A #7’ post was posted on the 4th in the <Tree of Savior> developer blog (http://blog.treeofsavior.com/?p=416).  This post was created in order to introduce the Lnker, Psychokino, Necromancer, and Sadhu, on top of answering questions of users.


The first class to be introduced, the ‘Linker,’ is a class that has the ability to gather and entangle groups of enemies.  The Linker class links multiple enemies into one group to damage or debuff all enemies simultaneously.  Alternatively, the Linker is able to link multiple allies to spread out the damage received or to share the effects of potions or buffs.

The second class, the ‘Psychokino,’ is a class that uses telekinetic powers.  Using telekinetic powers, the Psychokino can either damage its enemies directly, or forcefully relocate its enemies.  An example of its uses is moving enemies into a single file line while another party member uses a piercing skill.  The Psychokino can also damage its enemies by colliding them into each other.


The ‘Necromancer’ is a class that uses reanimation skills on its fallen enemies.  By collecting corpses, the Necromancer can create a wall to protect itself or use them to attack its enemies.  Also, the Necromancer can collect boss ‘cards’ to summon ‘Shoggoths.’

The last class to be introduced, the ‘Sadhu,’ is a class that uses astral projection.  Using astral projection, the Sadhu can separate its spirit from its physical body to attack its enemies.  The spirit form is not detectable by enemies, making it very useful in ambushing.  The spirit form can also be exploded to severely damage its enemies.  However, the physical body is vulnerable while the spirit form is active, requiring extra care.


Freedom Ensured – “No need to clear all quests”

The development team of <Tree of Savior> has promised its users some forms of freedom in the game.  The team has been developing the game in a way that ensures that players do not feel the need to complete all the quests.

Weapon selections also have its share of freedom.  A warrior class can wield a wand while a magician class can wield a hammer.  The monk, who favors hand-to-hand combat, can decide to wield a variety of weapons.


Furthermore, the experience of non-combat contents can also vary depending on the class.  The development team has commented that “while some classes only have combat-related skills, some classes possess non-combat skills.”  Non-combat classes such as chefs and fishers do not exist, but these skills will exist.

On the other hand, the development team has also commented on the current game music projects.  Currently, <Tree of Savior>’s sound director ‘sevin’ is collaborating with his previous group ‘SoundTeMP.’  Collaborations with musicians other than ‘SoundTeMP’ are also in plan.