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NCsoft’s Sleeping Titles About to Wake Up

20140516115031_7586NCsoft’s <Lineage Enternal> and <Metal Black: Alternative>are scheduled to go through closed tests within the second half of this year.

On 16th, NCsoft announced its upcoming line-ups for the second half of this year. <MBA> is a ‘shoot & bomb’ game first revealed in 2010, featuring TPS elements with AOS system. <Lineage Eternal> is also coming back from silence since last G-star 2011, featuring ‘drag-skill’ that casts skills in accordance with how you drag a mouse and interactive objects.


NCsoft’s mobile line-ups are announced as well. <Blade & Soul TCG> and other franchise IPs related to past games such as <Lineage> will be revealed in order.

Meanwhile, NCsoft’s <Guild Wars 2> just begun its official service in China on the 15th of May after its three closed tests since May 2013. KongZhonog, the Chinese publisher, chose one-time payment with no monthly subscription. Its pre-order has been sold 500,000 copies from last April 2 to 30.


2014 will be the year of new games from NCsoft

NCsoft plan to release big titles from their internal development teams in 2014 as well as make ‘Blade & Soul’ available in more countries.

According to NCsoft’’s financial report during 2013, there are 2 PC based online games in 2014 – Lineage Eternal and Wildstar. Wildstar is almost done and will be released during the middle of 2014. Lineage Eternal, which was introduced for the first time in G-Star 2011, does not have a concrete schedule yet, but NCsoft plan to announce its test schedule during the 3rd quarter of 2014 and will be presented in G-Star this year again.

In addition, NCsoft will release various mobile games by using IPs like Blade&Soul and Lineage. NCsoft said “Many games that have been in development for years will be launched this year. Blade&Soul will be launched in Japan, Taiwan, Russia followed by China.”


Mysterious Projects from NCsoft will use Unreal Engine 4

NCsoft announced that they made a contract with Epic Games to develop 2 huge online games by using Unreal Engine 4 on 14th of February. It means NCsoft has 2 more projects ongoing beside ‘Lineage Eternal’ revealed at G-Star 2011,

Even though NCsoft did not mention what they are, people expect they are ‘LINEAGE3’ and ‘AION2’ because NCsoft called them as next series and they recently insisted using own IP more actively in the future.

It has been known that they have been developing LINEAGE3 since August, 2011 by using their own game engine. But, it has been confirmed that the project was cancelled because of internal issues at the middle of 2012. For AION2, it has been known that it has been on developing from the end of 2011. The original AION was using Cry Engine.

People expect their new projects will be developed for 2 to 3 years with $92.3 million budget for each. This budget size is 4 times bigger than AION and exceeds Archiage as well.

NCsoft Rep said “That’s right. We are developing 2 new series now. However, we cannot confirm what they are. These projects will be introduced after Lineage Eternal.”

NCsoft Announced Lineage Eternal!

NCsoft GStar Premiere event is held today for press, prior to GStar2011. They brought up two of their best MMORPG franchises – Guild War and Lineage. While Guild War 2 has been presented at various game events, there is almost no information at all for the new series from Lineage. NCsoft finally revealed!

The biggest announcement from NCsoft is Lineage Eternal – the next generation MMORPG as well as the newest of Lineage series. The teaser movie was revealed, but they did not allow recording it. You need to visit GStar2011 to watch it through Art Theater at NCsoft’s booth. Otherwise, you need to wait until it is available to all.

Lineage Eternal provides quarter view type full 3D graphics like Diablo3 from Blizzard Entertainment, but it is much realistic than Diablo3. It has also large scale siege warfare since siege warfare is almost like a trademark for Lineage series.

Did I tell you that the new game is non-targeting action MMORPG? Lineage Eternal provides more action than before as well. Especially drag skills, which follow your mouse’s moving trace and smart view system, allow you to feel more you are actually in specific situations.