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Making and distributing Bot programs is illegal

Constitutional Court reached a verdict that the prohibition of making & distribution of bot programs is constitutional.

The constitutional complaint started with prohibiting making & distributing bot programs or related hardware from July by reforming the promotion of the game industry act.

After the law goes into effect, CEO from a bot program making company files a constitutional appeal against it. Constitutional Court overruled the appeal with unanimity. The court made a decision that bot programs is not limited to tools that make game playing easier, but also ruin the system that is built very carefully. They could give damages to other players.

In addition, bot programs could cause damages to game companies as well as promote gambling since they used to use for real money trading.

The decision from Constitutional Court would be a reference to restrict using those programs and hardware. However, there still be a matter of debate because the decision is about prohibiting making & distributing bot programs and hardware, not about using them.