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Chinese Guild Wars 2 Available in Package

<Guild Wars 2> is going to be released in a package in China rather than digital downlaod.

KongZhong, Chinese publisher of the MMORPG, announced its business model of <Guild Wars 2> last 27th, selling the package with a lifetime account like NA and EU. Additional expantion and some in-game items will be sold separately.

Its 5th closed beta test in China will be held on March 11th for the next two weeks. Its official launch in China will be reportedly within this year.

The package’s price is not announced yet.


NCsoft focuses on Chinese market and mobile games in 2013

According to NCsoft 3rd quarter 2012 earnings report, the earnings were increased with the releases of Blade & Soul, Guild Wars 2. Lineage, the oldest game of the company, generated the incredible amount of revenue more than the revenue from Linage 2 and Aion.

The total revenue during the term is 188.2 billion Korean Won (About US$173 million), which 23% was increased compared to the last year same period.

The primary goal for the year 2013 for NCsoft is the successful launching of Guild War 2 and Blade & Soul to China and other Asian countries. Blade & Soul for China will be F2P unlike Korea and heavily localized for China as well. NCsoft chose different publishers for both games – Tencent for Blade & Soul, Kongzhong for Guild War 2 – because Tencent has too many MMORPGs to launch this year include Archeage.

NCsoft will focus on mobile game market as well since the company declared the year 2013 as the first year to enter into the mobile game market. Ncsoft is developing Linage: The second Moon for mobile with GREE and various mobile games will be come from Ntreev, a subsidiary company.

For the western online game market, Wild Star from Carbine Studios is coming.