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Soccer Game Anyone?


Looks like soccer games are not so popular in this seemingly soccer-crazy country. According to thisisgame.com, only FIFA Online (developed and serviced by Neowiz) is thriving in Korea.

Not-so-fortunate games include Red Card (레드카드), Extreme Soccer (익스트림 사커), Full Time (풀타임) and?recently-discontinued Kick Off – most of them were developed in the hope of riding the 2006 World Cup frenzy.

But don’t fret soccer game fans out there because AniPark who developed the popular baseball game Ma9 (마구마구) is currently developing a soccer game Cha9 (차구차구). Also, JCE is working on Freestyle Football (프리스타일 풋볼) after enjoying its success in basketball game Freestyle (프리스타일).

[Nexon] Continue to Slimming Down

Nexon’s kept shaking off games in its Korean game portal nexon.com. Started from an action game called ‘Trash Buster’?(우당탕탕 대청소), Nexon had continuously decided to discontinue three more games including?Zera (제라), SlapShot (슬랩샷) and Kick Off (킥오프).

But it wouldn’t be the end of Nexon. The company is pouring out new games such as EverPlanet (에버플래닛), Dragon Nest (드래곤네스트) and its internal productions likes of Bubble Fighter (버블파이터), Mabinogi Heroes (마비노기 영웅전: Mabinogi sequel), Kavatina Story (카바티나 스토리), Husky Express (허스키 익스프레스). So don’t jump to conclusions yet. ?I will keep y’all posted.